Garbage Pail Girls                      DVD

Only from the mind of Jim Powers.                                 05/26/2005
Studio............Powersville, Inc.                                 XXX  Pro
                  9740 Variel Ave.                                     Gonzo
                  Chatsworth         CA 91311                        Choking
Director..........Jim Powers                    
Supplied By.......JM Productions                
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.50                 

================= Name ================== 1st Review ======================= Stars.............Marie Luv May 2004 Black. Sexy. Cute. Gia Paloma Dec 2003 Brunette. Sexy. Hot! Patricia Petite Apr 2004 Canada. Sexy. Tattoo. Tiffani Leigh May 2005 Sexy honeyblonde. E ============================================================================ 1> Gia. In dumpster. Trevor. Nude. Clit solo. Eats her. Fingers her. Rims her. Ball sucking. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Screwing her from behind, holding her up. Chokes her. Fingers her ass. Anal from behind her. A2M. Anal standing holding her up. A2M. Anal. Chokes herself. Slaps her own face. Anal upside down. A2M. Anal doggie. He strokes off in her open mouth. 9.00 2> Patricia & Dirty Harry. Cream puff pies. Whip cream BJ. Whip cream all over her. Lemon cream pie in her hair. Topless. Titty sucking. Eats her. Anal doggie position, rev cowgirl. A2M. Screwing cowgirl. Anal doggie position. More food put on her. Anal on her back, side ways & clit solo. He strokes off in her open mouth. 8.80 3> Tiffani & Johnny Thrust. Public bathroom. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Screwing rev cowgirl, from behind her, on her back. P2M. Screwing her from behind. Anal doggie position, cowgirl, rev cowgirl, side ways, on her back. He strokes off in her open mouth. Swallows. 9.00 4> Marie. In trash can. Sexy outfit. Jay Lassiter. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Kiss. Eats her. Rims her. Fingers her. No hnads BJ. Screw- ing rev cowgirl, cowgirl, doggie. Anal head down ass up. She rims him. No hands BJ. Anal doggie. A2M. Anal side ways. Fingers her. Anal side ways, mish, rev cowgirl, cowgirl, upside down. Facial. 9.00 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review is above. Chapters 21 choices on 4 pages. Bonus Dirty Harry Cumeth! Dirty Harry stroking and stroking and Bonus stroking. R-Dogg falls asleep waiting on Dirty Harry. Jim Powers sleeping. Finally. 3 mins 22 secs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie Movie sex action rates a 8.96 DVD DVD extras rates a 8.60 Overall rating is 8.78 [Choking] ============================================================================ Comments.....No production date given. Email Den ============================================================================