Killer Grip #02                         DVD

12 Girls Will Stroke You Dry.                                     04/30/2005
Studio............Smash Pictures                                    XXX  Pro
                  9619 Canoga Ave.                                      Solo
                  Chatsworth         CA 91311                         
Producer..........Frank Thring                  
Director..........Zora Banx                     
Videographer......Frank Thring/Zora Banx        
Supplied By.......Smash Pictures                
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.85                 

================= Name ================== 1st Review ======================= Stars.............Betty Jul 1998 Euro. Cute brunette. Claudia Ferrari Aug 2003 Euro. Sexy brunette. Evelin Mar 2003 Euro. Cute blonde. Gloria Venus Apr 2005 Euro. Sexy brunette. Honey Winter Apr 2005 E#uro. Sexy brunette. Jenny Saunders Nov 2004 Euro. Sexy blonde. Kati Apr 2005 Euro. Redhead. Sexy. Kitty Sixx Apr 2005 Euro. Sexy blonde. Lilit Sep 2003 Euro. Sexy. Hot. Reka (Euro) Apr 2005 Euro. Sexy honeyblonde Thundy Apr 2005 Euro. Hot brunette. Vanda / Polina Jan 2003 Euro. Cute brunette. ============================================================================ 1> Kitty & Ricky. Sexy outfit. Handjob. Cums on tits. 2> Claudia & Lucky. Sexy outfit. Handjob. Cums on cupped hand. 3> Honey & Ricky. Sexy dress. Handjob. Cums on tits. 4> Gloria & Thomas. Sexy red dress. Handjob. Cums on tit. 5> Evelin & Kati & Clark. Sexy outfits. Handjobs. Cums on belly. 6> Jenny & Jon. Sexy outfit. Handjob. Cums on hand. 7> Lilit & Clark. Nude. Handjob. Cums on cupped hand. 8> Vanda & Thomas. Sexy outfit. Handjob. Cums on tit. 9> Betty, Thundy & Alan Perrish. Sexy dresses. Handjobs. Cums on hands. 10> Reka & Sisi. Riding outfit. Handjob. Cums on her glove. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: You just don't see very many movies with the gals giving the guys a handjob to completion. Action rates a 8.85 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review is above. Shot in Budapest, Hungary. Scene Selection Good cast ID. Extra Watch Scene -or- View Cum Shot. Behind the Scenes BTS. Extra Zora talks cast. Gals in make-up. Frank with camera. 12 mins 54 secs. Photo Gallery Various sized pictures. Bonus 22 pictures. Website Trailer. 2 URLs. Trailers Movie previews. Extra 6 releases. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie Handjob action that rates a 8.85 DVD DVD extras rates a 8.85 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 12/2004. Good cast ID. Email Den ============================================================================