No Man's Land Latin Edition #05         DVD

An All Girl All Latin Feature in HD.                              03/27/2005
Studio............Video Team                                        XXX  Pro
                  11151 Vanowen Street                             Girl/Girl
                  North Hollywood    CA 91605                         
Director..........Wesley Emerson                
Videographer......William Shakespear            
Supplied By.......Video Team                    
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.90                 

================= Name ================== 1st Review ======================= Stars.............Avy Lee Roth Sep 2004 Latino. Sexy. Hot. Dillan Lauren Jun 2004 Sexy brunette. Jasmine Byrne Nov 2004 Sexy brunette. Tattoo Jenaveve Jolie May 2004 Sexy honeyblonde. E Marlena Feb 2005 Sexy brunette. Megan Martinez Nov 2004 Latino. Sexy. Mika Brown Oct 2004 Black. Sexy. Rings. Sativa Rose Mar 2004 Latino. Sexy. Valerie Feb 2005 Brunette. Sexy. Cute. ============================================================================ 1> Marlena & Jenaveve. In bed. Nude. Kiss. Titty sucking. Marlena eats her. Clit solo. Fingering. Multi-color glass dildo for Marlena. Glass dildo for Jenaveve & Jenaveve clit solo. Kiss. 8.80 2> Mika & Sativa. In office. Sexy outfits. Kiss. Undresses. Topless. Titty sucking. Nude. Mika eats Sativa. Kiss. Titty sucking. Sativa eats Mika & does clit solo. Sativa fingers Mika. Kiss. Mika uses strap-on dildo on Sativa. 8.80 3> Avy & Valerie. In room. Kiss. Topless. Titty sucking. Avy eats her. Clit solo. Kiss. Valerie eats Avy & does clit solo. Black dildo for Avy & Avy clit solo. Tastes dildo. Nude. Dildo for Valerie. Tastes dildo. Dildo for Avy & dildo solo for 2 at once. 8.90 4> Jasmine & Megan. On sofa. Kiss. Touching. Undressing. Topless. Megan eats her, fingers her. 69 Megan on top. Dildo for Jasmine. Dildo for Megan. Jasmine eats Megan. Tastes didlo. Kiss. 8.90 5> Marlena & Dillan. In room. Sexy dresses. On sofa. Kiss. Topless. Eating. Fingering. Clit solo. Clear dildo for Marlena. Tastes dildo. Nude. Dildo for Dillan. Anal dildo for Dillan. Kiss. 8.90 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie Movie review is above. Scene Selection Choices 1 to 5. No ID. Photo Gallery Various sized pictures. Bonus Behind the Scenes BTS. 14 mins 12 secs. Extra Jasmine interview. Dee talks to camera. Avy on cell phone. Megan talks in Spanish. Hardcore action. Avy poses. Valerie poses. Mika poses. Dee looks at big dildo. Dee changes the script. Dillan poses. Dee shows the boobs. They are real. Bloopers Funny. Mostly the gals flubbing their lines. Extra 'R' rated. 8 mins 13 secs. More Adult Fun Trailer. 800 number ad. Cast Bios Avy 34c-24-38 Dillan 34b-24-34 Jasmine 34c-24-34 Extra Jenaveve 36c-24-36 Marlena 34b27-37, Megan 34b-25-35 Mika 36b-26-36 Sativa 36c-24-34 and Valerie 34b-26-36. Previews 3 No Man's Lands editions. Extra The Web Trailer. Dee, 'You want sexy'. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie Les movie action that rates a 8.86 DVD Nice DVD extras that rates a 8.95 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 12/2004. Email Den ============================================================================