Guess Who's Cumming                     DVD

'I love Doc Johnson'.                                             03/17/2005
Studio............Elegant Angel                                     XXX  Pro
                  8015 Deering Ave                                     Gonzo
                  Canoga Park        CA 91304                         
Producer..........Patrick Collins               
Director..........Patrick Collins               
Videographer......William H.                    
Supplied By.......Elegant Angel                 
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.83                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Aneta (Czech) Mar 2005 Czech. Hot! Streaked. Anita Queen Aug 2004 Euro. Busty brunette. Enza Mar 2005 Czech. Busty blonde. Jennifer Max Aug 2004 Euro. Sexy brunette. Kelly (Czech) Nov 2002 Euro. Blonde. Kirsty (Czech) Mar 2005 Czech. Brunette. Sexy. Lexi (Czech) Mar 2005 Czech. Sexy brunette. Tereza Ilova Nov 2004 Czech. Sexy brunette. Tiana Lynn May 2003 Sexy honeyblonde. 2004 Star Nominee! Victoria (Czech) Feb 2004 Czech. Sexy. Hot. ============================================================================ 1> Aneta. On sofa. Interviewed by Patrick. Doc Johnson info commercial. Poses. Topless. Right back tattoo. Nude. Dildo solo. 8.70 2> Anita. Nude on bed. Patrick uses vib on her. Tiana eats her, uses dildo on her. Anita vib solo. Anita eats Tiana. Tiana squirt. Patrick gets BJ. He strokes off on Tiana's face. 8.90 3> Victoria & Tiana. On bed. Clit solo. Nude. Patrick uses vib & Tiana titty sucks. Eats Tiana. Tiana solo & squirts. Fingering. Eating. Tiana BJ. Patrick strokes off. Tiana squirts. 8.80 4> Lexi. In room. Undresses. Nude. Puts on mesh hose. Solo. Patrick uses vib on her. Vib solo & dildo. Fingers her. 8.70 5> Jennifer. Talks to camera. Patrick oils her, uses vib on her. Tiana uses vib on her & gives BJ. Fingers Tiana. Both squirt. 8.80 6> Kelly. On bed. Patrick uses vib on her. Tiana uses vib on her. Solo. Patrick fingers Tiana to squirt. Tiana gives BJ. Kelly dildo solo. Tiana squirts. 8.80 7> Tereza. Interviewed by Patrick. Undresses. Nude. Oils her. Vib on clit. Vib solo. Tiana uses vib on her. Solo for each. Patrick fingers Tiana. Tiana squirts. Tereza clit solo. 8.70 8> Kristy & Tiana. On bed. Topless. Vib play. Toe sucking. Tit sucking. Tiana eats her, used vib on her. Vib solo. Tiana squirts. 8.70 9> Enza & Patrick & Tiana. Topless. Lubes & plays with her clit, uses vib on her. Titty play. Fingers her. Tiana gives BJ. Tiana squirts. Enza dildo solo. Patrick strokes off on Tiana's mouth. 8.80 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie Movie review is above. Scene Selections Choices 1 to 9. Ladies name ID. Bonus Dvd Extras Behind the Scenes. 10 mins 41 secs. Extra Bonus Scene. Extra Aneta(?) & Tiana. Solo. 5 mins 41 secs. Photo Galleries. All 9 gals. Bonus Trailers. 5 movie previews. Extra Website Access. More Fun. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie Movie action rates a 8.77 DVD DVD extras rates a 8.90 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 12/18/2004. Good ladies ID. Email Den ============================================================================