Negro Problem #04, Sharon Wild          DVD

The Bigger The Blacker The Better!!                               02/09/2005
Studio............Le'Wood Productions                               XXX  Pro
                  3816 Midway Ave. #225                          Interracial
                  Culver City        CA 90232                         
Producer..........Francesca Le' / Mark Wood     
Director..........Francesca Le'                 
Videographer......Mark Wood                     
Make-Up Artist....Gia Paloma
Supplied By.......Le'Wood Productions           
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Top 10 Points..... 9.10                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Isabel Ice Apr 2004 Wales. Sexy brunette. ^ 2004 Starlet Nominee! Mandy Bright Mar 2002 AVN 2004 Best Foreign 2003 Star Nominee! Nicki Hunter Jan 2004 Blonde. Sexy. Busty. E Sharon Wild Aug 2000 Ceska. Hot wild blonde ============================================================================ 1> Mandy. Sexy panties/bra/garter set. Teases. Dildo BJ. Dildo solo. Sledge Hammer. No hands BJ. Anal dildo solo. Screwing rev cowgirl. P2M. Anal rev cowgirl. A2M. Screwing. Anal & clit solo. Screwing on her back. Anal on her back. A2P. P2A. Anal & dildo solo. Anal from behind her. He strokes off into her open mouth. BJ clean up. 9.10 2> Isabel. Sexy bikini. Clit solo. On sofa. Dildo BJ. Anal dildo solo. Byron Long. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Reversed BJ. Screwing & anal dildo solo in doggie position. Tastes dildo. Screwing head down ass up, on her back. Anal on her back, doggie, rev cowgirl. A2M. Anal cowgirl, standing up. He strokes off facial. Swallows. 9.30 3> Nicki. Sexy outfit. In room. Looking at VHS boxes ala Pussyman. Anal solo fingering, anal beads solo. Byron Long. BJ. Eats her. Removes beads. Screwing her from behind, standing up, on her back. Anal on her back, rev cowgirl. A2M. Anal & dildo solo rev cowgirl. He strokes off into her open mouth. BJ clean off. Swallows. 9.00 4> Sharon. Sexy outfit. In room. Teases. Strips nude. Dildo BJ, squat solo. Joaquin. No hands BJ. Rims her. He dildo's her. Screwing doggie, head down ass up. P2M. Kiss. Screwing standing holding her up, cowgirl, on her back. Anal doggie, head down ass up, on her belly, rev cowgirl, side saddle. He strokes off facial. 9.00 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review is above. Nice cast of ladies. Chapters Scene 1 to 4. Scene number ID. Bonus View various types of sex by each scene. Behind the Scenes BTS. Extra Isabel in make-up from Gia & talking to Mark about baseball bat in her butt. Francesca yawning. Nicki in make-up. Francesca flashes her breasts & is wearing AVN t-shirt. 12 mins 2 secs. Biographies Info on: Extra Isobel 5' 3" 130 lbs. 04/15/1982 Mandy 5' 10" 135 lbs. 06/12/1978 Nicki 5' 6" 128 lbs. 12/19/1979 Sharon 5' 6" 120 lbs. 04/04/1979 Still Gallery Various sized pictures. Extra No FF. Interviews Mandy interviewed by Francesca while in Bonus make-up from Gia. Likes black guys and their equipment. Didn't say the same about Asian guys. Isabel interviewed by Mark. Interesting ideas on dating -vrs- industry guys. She really wants to f..k Rocco. Sharon chewing gum & in make-up from Gia. Tells Francesca about her traffic court experience. Seems Sharon and Francesca both apparently have lead feet! 12 mins 38 secs. Photo Shoot Outdoors in backyard. Bonus Mandy. Poses for Francesca & Mark with Gia giggling in the background. Isabel. Poses for Mark topless. Gia says, 'spread them wide'. Poses with Byron. Nicki. Poses for Mark. Sexy outfit. 'You want more than just my ass?'. In room. Sharon. Poses in sexy black outfit for Mark. Topless. 6 mins 26 secs. Strip Tease Outdoors. Bonus Mandy. Isabel. Nicki. Sharon. (Indoors) 16 mins 6 secs. Trailers Movie previews. Extra Francesca Has a Negro Problem. Sophia Has a Negro Problem. Gia Has a Negro Problem. 3 mins 57 secs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie Movie action rates a 9.10 DVD DVD extras rates a 9.10 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 10/2004. Good ladies ID. Email Den ============================================================================