Nightline: Extreme Case Dismissed

Rob Black won round one!                                          01/24/2005
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============================================================================ Nightline did a show on Rob Black and Lizzy Borden on 08/27/2003. My brief write-up Background info: Over the week-end the judge in this case dismissed all 10 charges against Extreme Associates and ruled that the obscenity laws are unconstutional. I never say a thing about this ruling on the national news or in the newspapers. This will be my first exposure to the ruling. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris Bury opens the show with the problem with obscenity is in the definition. Talks about 'Violent Pornography'. Background info on the case with the 10 charges against Rob Black and Lizzy Borden of Extreme Associates. Lou Sirkin. The winning lawyer. Says it is a new day and the goverment should reconsider their positions. Paul Fishbien said he didn't like Rob Black's movies, but said he supports his right to make it. Rob Black talks about the decision. It is a step in the right direction. Patrick Trueman, lawyer. Rob, it is very positive. Lawyer doesn't think this is a major setback for the Bush administration. Does it give producers a new license to produce more wilder things. Justice Scalia is quoted by Rob Black. We make movies, just like Hollywood. Talks about Passion of the Christ. They argue about the violence. The right to privacy rules over the right of obscenity. Talks about Community Standards. The Justice Department needs to go after a wider range of material. Conclusion: Rob Black won the debate and his position will prevail. My concerns are threefold: 1> It is obscene We win this. 2> OSHA This is a 50/50. 3> Criminal Activity Government will change tactics and send it undercover gals and someone will be arrested for assault! Lou Sirkin is the true HERO! ============================================================================ Comments.....Monday night: January 24, 2005. Email Den ============================================================================