Girls Gone Wild Promo

Complete Rip Off!                                                 12/14/2004
Studio............None                    R    Pro

============================================================================ I don't normally do this, but I am getting very upset about this! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I keep getting a phone call from Girls Gone Wild and they are doing a survey and if you answer just 4 simple questions you can win 2 Girld Gone Wild Doggie Style VHS or DVDs. Question 1 Do you have Satellite -or- Cable? Question 2 Do you have a VHS -or- DVD player? Question 3 What type of movies do you like? Question 4 Do you think Girls Gone Wild type movies should be allowed to be seen in the privacy of your owb home? Guess What? You Won! All they need now is you credit card information and home information and only $4.99 per DVD for shipping and handling! I keep telling them to QUIT calling me and they keep calling me! The phone number is 310-566-1063 ============================================================================ Comments.....Don't waste your time! Email Den ============================================================================