Naked Women's Wrestling League           DVD

Carmen Electra hosts this Springer style action.                  12/09/2004
Studio............12,1 Ventures, Inc.                               R    Pro
Producer..........Rachel Kohm                   
Director..........Lisa Mann                     
Supplied By.......12,1 Ventures, Inc.           
Video Quality.....Good     
Minutes...........105                                                    FAQ
Points............ 4.50                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review ^
 Becky Brady             NWWL Sexy Honeyblonde.  Dec 2004      
 Carmen Electra          Major Star!             Dec 2004      
 Cleopatra               NWWL Black. Sexy.       Dec 2004      
 Cruella Bleeds          NWWL Redhead. Sexy.     Dec 2004      
 Dark Angel              NWWL Sexy blonde.       Dec 2004      
 Demonika Disco          NWWL Redhead. Afro.     Dec 2004      
 Harriet Bush            NWWL Sexy blonde.       Dec 2004      
 Lady Serpentine         NWWL Busty Blonde.      Dec 2004      
 Layla Hussein           NWWL Sexy brunette.     Dec 2004      
 Megan Summers           NWWL Busty blonde.   E  Dec 2004      
 Ninja Chops             NWWL Brunette. Sexy.    Dec 2004      
 Princess of Pain        NWWL Blonde.            Dec 2004      
 Samantha Sixx           NWWL Sexy brunette.     Dec 2004      
 Selena Sanchez          NWWL Sexy Latino.       Dec 2004      
 Spitney Beers           NWWL Sexy blonde.       Dec 2004      
 Tiny Tina               NWWL Sexy brunette.     Dec 2004      
 Trish the Dish          NWWL Sexy brunette.     Dec 2004      
 Twin Peaks              NWWL Busty blonde.   E  Dec 2004      
 Wicca St. James         NWWL Sexy brunette.     Dec 2004      
 1> Spitney Beers -vrs- Princess of Pain.                                   
      Naked. Spitney has pasties. Naked wresting. Interesting results.      
 2> Demonika Disco -vrs- Cruella Bleeds.                                    
      Naked. Demonika has afro pubic hair. Was there any cheating?          
 3> Dark Angel & Samantha Six -vrs- Trish & Tina.                           
      Naked. Tag Team match. All 4 at one time. Cat fight.                  
 4> Harriet Bush -vrs- Layla Hussein.                                       
      Naked. Pretty good action. Red, White, Blue & Pink.                   
 5> Ninja Chops -vrs- Becky Brady.                                          
      Naked. They get into it right away.                                   
 6> Lady Serpentine -vrs- Cleopatra.                                        
      Naked. Interesting. Becky replaces Serpentine.                        
 7> Twin Peaks -vrs- Selena Sanchez.                                        
      Naked. Some out of ring action. All the gals in ring.                 
      Wicca joins them.                                                     
      Megan crowns the winner.                                              
Goofs at end. Carmen goofs her lines and uses the f-word.                   
Disc 1    Entire Show.                                                      
          Select Matches.                                                   
Disc 2  Special Features                                                    
     NWWL Behind the Scenes. 19 mins 58 secs.                               
       Shows action, but also includes stats on the various matches.        
       Jim Tykoliz, Executive Producer, talks to camera.                    
       Howard Mann, Executive Producer, talks to camera.                    
       Ron Hutchison, Wresting Trainer, talks to camera.                    
       NWWL Workout Footage.                                                
       Day of Event footage.                                                
     Power-Punch Videos. 1 mins 17 secs.                                    
       3 choices.                                                           
     Wrestler Slide Show.                                                   
       Full sized pictures.                                        Email Den

Date:    Thu, 22 Sep 2005
From:    Roxy Vicious
Subject: Samantha Sixx  Dec 2004  NWWL Sexy blonde.    
To:      Den

Hi Den,

This is Samantha Sixx, I came across your review of the NWWL DVD and
     noticed you have me described as a "sexy blonde" I'm sure it's
     an honest mistake but as you can see, I am far from blonde ;)
     Anyway Darlin', I just wanted to point that out.

     Thanks for the review