Gothsend #02                            DVD

Great to see Rachel Rotten again!                                 12/01/2004
Studio............DVSX                                              XXX  Pro
                  20812 Lassen Street                                 Fetish
                  Chatsworth         CA 91311                         
Producer..........Alex Ladd/Javier C.           
Director..........Guy Capo                      
BTS...............Cliff Cummings/Guy Capo       
Supplied By.......DVSX                          
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Fair     
Points............ 8.32                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Avy Lee Roth Sep 2004 Latino. Sexy. Hot. Deja Daire Sep 2004 Sexy brunette. 32a. ^ Katrina Kraven Oct 2003 Brunette. Tattoo's. ^ Rachel Rogers Feb 1999 Cute brunette. Shayna Knight Sep 2003 German. Sexy redhead. Vandalia May 2003 Busty brunette. Tattoo Victoria Sin Jul 2003 German. Sexy brunette. ============================================================================ 1> Deja. In dark room. Glass dildo solo. Sasha joins. Screwing rev cowgirl. P2M. Screwing rev cowgirl. 69 her on top. Anal rev cow- girl, doggie, on her back. He strokes off on her face. 8.50 2> Victoria & Kris Slater. In room. Touching. Topless. Titty sucking. No hands BJ. Screwing her from behind. P2M. Ball sucking. Screwing from behind her, rev cowgirl. Anal rev cowgirl, on her back. A2M. Anal on her back, head down ass up & clit solo. Cums on her ass. 8.80 3> Vandalia. In real dark room. Bondage attire. Master Liam. Screwing with red skin tone. BJ. 69. Screwing. Nude. Screwing & clit solo. He strokes off on her bush. 7.20 4> Katrina & Avy. In real dark room. Kissing. Eating. Face sitting. Nude. Rimjob. Anal fingering. Dildo. Sharing dildo. Anal dildo. Dildo solo next to one another. Anal beads on string. 8.40 5> Shayna. In room. Topless. Solo fingering. No hands BJ. Screwing her from behind. Eats her. 2 fingers her. BJ. Screwing. BJ. Screwing. BJ. Handjob. She strokes him off. 8.20 6> Rachel. In bikini. In cage. Looks like Bettie Page. Topless. Nipple rings. Rob Rotten with spiked hair. Fingers her. No hands BJ. Screwing her from behind. P2M. Screwing. P2M. Nude. Screwing rev cowgirl, cowgirl, on her back. Fingering. He strokes off facial. 8.70 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review is above. Scene Selection Choices 1 to 6. Scene number ID. Special Features Behind the Scenes. Bonus Funny goofs. Hardcore action. Suspension preparations. Rob & Rachel. 3 mins 19 secs. Cum Shots. Choices 1 to 5. Bonus Does not play all. Photo Gallery. Bonus Use remote to navigate. Solo Scenes. Extra Choices 1 to 8. Web Access. Page. DVSX Trailers. Extra Movie previews. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie Movie action rates a 8.30 DVD DVD extras rates a 8.35 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 09/22/2004. Good ladies ID. Email Den ============================================================================