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The strongest field of newbies EVER!                              11/12/2004
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============================================================================ It is that time of year again...................................Nominations! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rog's Reviews: Rog has made his nominations for Fan Favorites. See Rog's AVN: AVN has made their nominations for 2005. See AVN CAVR: CAVR uses the calendar year. Nominations still in process. See CAVR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The category that I like the best is the Best Newbies. This is a tough one to determine who qualifies and it seems that all 3 of us use various methods. It seems that we all try to use Oct 1, 2003 through Sept 30,2004 as the accepted dates. But, both Rog and AVN make exceptions to this rule. My database requires a debut date for each Starlet and then that date is used to determine who qualifies. No exceptions. Rog's Newbie Nominations AVN's Newbie Nominations CAVR's List of Newbies ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- In reviewing the list of AVN 2005 Nominations, I ran across one of my Favorites and I want to congratulate my fellow Daytonian Felicia Fox for her 2005 Best Solo Nomination. American Gunk I had the pleasure of reviewing her scene on 09/29/2003 and it was very good! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAVR nominations will be announced on Jan 1, 2005: Fans vote. Stars: Newbie Star MVP Directors: Director Director/Performer DVDs: Feature Gonzo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAVR will also give Trophies for Highest Rated: Director Company DVD Special Recognition Award ============================================================================ Comments.....AVN and Rog Review's 2005 Newbies. Email Den ============================================================================