Kelly Nichols & Samantha York (Amateur Tape)

Kelly Nichols like you have never seen her before!                10/31/2004
Video Quality.....Fair     
Top 10 Points..... 9.00                 

================= Name ================== Debut     Notes ==================
Stars.............Kelly Nichols           Jan 1984  Hall of Fame brunette.
                  Samantha York           Apr 1986  Amateur Hall Famer.  E
This is the infamous Kelly Nichols amateur tape.                            
     Kelly is a very famous Top Ten major Star.                             
     Samantha is an infamous baseball bat amateur Star.                     
On bed. Samantha has garter belt & hose on. Kelly is nude and climbs        
     in bed and eats Samantha out. Super close ups. Kelly has dark          
     reddish hair and is looking great! Nice breasts. Kelly eats her        
     out real good. Kelly puts on a strap-on dildo. Kelly has nice          
     dark large aeroles. The gals talk to one another and to Doug.          
     Samantha oils up the strap-on. Samantha on her back as Kelly           
     climbs on and screws her. Good close ups of the in & out action.       
     Kelly gives it to her real good and Samantha moans and groans          
     for real as Kelly urges her on. Both gals are breathing hard           
     and really getting into it. Samantha gives it a BJ clean off.          
On bed. They are kinda relaxing after the above scene and Kelly is          
     playing with and sucking Samantha's tits. Kelly removes the            
     strap-on dildo and climbs down and lays on her belly as she            
     fingers Samantha. Kelly talks to Samantha and says, 'I like            
     that'. Kelly is just playing and working on Samantha. Uses 1           
     finger and then a second finger and next thing you know she            
     has fingers in and is eating her at the same time. Samantha           
     puts oil on Kelly's hands and Kelly goes back to work. Kelly          
     slips one hand in as easy as can be and we are treated to             
     Kelly Nichols fisting Samantha. Next thing you know Kelly has         
     both hands inside a moaning Samantha. Nice long scene of Kelly        
     doing what she wants. Includes double fisting. Damn, this is          
     hot! Footage includes side views and behind Kelly over her            
     shoulder. Good close ups. Samantha loved it and Kelly did too.        
     Kelly repeatly takes her fist out completely and re-inserts           
     immediately. Kelly also leaves her hand inside past the wrist         
     for long periods of time.                                             
Both gals nude on the bed. Samantha sucks Kelly's breasts and Kelly         
     loves it. Long nipples as Samantha uses her mouth to play with        
     them. Kelly sucks one of her own nipples as Samantha sucks the        
     other nipple. Kiss. Samantha puts them together and sucks both        
     of Kelly's nipples at the same time. Samantha starts working          
     her way south until she is eating Kelly out. Super close ups of       
     Samantha eating out a moaning and groaning Kelly with lots of         
     oh's and oh oh's. Samantha fingers Kelly and rubs her other           
     finger on Kelly's clit. Samantha eats & fingers Kelly as she is
     going crazy. Kelly half lifts off the bed at times. Date on
     screen is 05/20/1991. Samantha keeps eating & fingering Kelly
     until she eventually gets 4 fingers in. Samantha adds more lube
     and ends up fisting Kelly as Kelly does clit solo. 'Oh Yes baby,
     fist me'. Super close ups of Kelly Nichols being fisted!
     Kelly has her eyes closed and is loving ever second of this.
     Kelly says, 'I think you killed it and laughs'.

     Kelly poses nude with showing her driver's license for ID.
Comments.....Production date: 05/20/1991.                          Email Den

From:    MD
Subject: CAVR xxx15911 Review...Please Help on Where to Purchase
Date:    Mon, 1 Nov 2004

I just read your reveiw on #15911 and thought it was great. I love
         Kelly Nichols and would love to know if this tape/DVD were

         If it is, could you please let me know where I can obtain
         a copy of it.

         I think that Kelly is fantasic and would love to see her
         make a comeback.....I love it when actresses do that.

Any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated. I would love to
         see this movie.

Thank You and Take Care,

I was inspired to do this review because I have always been a big
         Kelly Nichols fan and because she was on the Kylie Ireland
         KSEX radio show on October 29,2004.

         I actually called the show and asked Kelly to talk about
         her infamous amateur tape. She talked about another tape
         she did that included all kinds of fruit and was really
         kinky and then she mentioned this tape.

         She also said that her favorite Director is Veronica Hart
         and her favorite behind the scenes with her being the
         make-up lady is Wild Life Productions.

         I have never met Kelly Nichols, but I sure hope to this
         January at the AEE 2005.

Kelly Nichols

         I do not know where to purchase this movie. Perhaps when
         Kelly's website is up and running, you try emailing her.