Roatan                                  DVD

'Worldwide Search for Miss Mystique'.                             10/27/2004
Studio............Mystique                                          R    Pro
Director..........Mark Daughn                   
Supplied By.......Dirty Bob                     
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 4.50  (1.00 to 5.00) 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Elizabeth Kelly Oct 2004 Sexy honeyblonde. Erin Nicole Oct 2004 Sexy blonde. Jessica Difeo Oct 2004 Sexy brunette. Kay Sivilay Oct 2004 Sexy Asian. Rebecca DiPietro Oct 2004 Sexy brunette. Victoria Anisova Oct 2004 Sexy brunette. ============================================================================ Mystique has a contest for the sexiest gal. 3 gals were fan choices and 3 gals were editor's choices. Winner gets $125,000. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Victoria. In make up as she talks to the camera. Poses for stills. Sexy outfits. Teases. Topless. Brief nudity. Gals in van. Van Gals in Van. Van breaks down. They go to Canopy Tours. Gals on wire in forest. (Not me). Some were much better than others. Really cool footage. Kay. In make up as she talks to the camera. Getting ready for shoot. Topless. Nude. Poses for stills. Gals in bikini's to go on a Banana Boat ride. 5 gals on boat. They fall off. They flash their breasts. Jessica. In make up as she talks to the camera. Poses for stills. Topless. Busty. Arch's Iguana Farm. Gals visit and play with the animals. Lots and lots of them. One of them 'pooped'. Funny. Erin. Getting ready as she talks to the camera. Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and went to the Super Bowl. Poses for stills. Topless. Nice breasts. Brief nudity. Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences. Gals in bikini's and in the with the Dolphins. Snorkling. Underwater footage. Gals do outdoor showering. Rebecca. In make-up as she talks to camera. Last child in a family of 7. Dresses. Poses in sexy outfit. Poses nude. Supermarket. Gals bought clothes and items for a local family as a way of giving back. Estimated that 10% of natives have AIDS. Elizabeth. In make-up as she talks to the camera. Sexy red outfit. Very flirty. Topless. Very windy. Topless. Finals. All the gals talk about the contest. They all had alot of fun. 'Wish us luck'. Each gal is interviewed. They are given envelopes. Winners: Fan Vote.....Rebecca DiPietro Editors......Elizabeth Kelly Filmed on the Island of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disc 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play All Plays the movie. Sexy gals. Chapter Selection Choices 1 to 14. Good title ID. Bonus Material Promo Trailer. 2 mins 31 secs. 1,000 Contestants. 6 Semi-Finalists. 3 Days of Fun & Photoshoots. 2 Winners. Fire Lesson. 2 mins 32 secs. Victoria gives demo, but doesn't use fire. (Don't blame her) Kay talks to camera and gives a demo. No fire for her either. Outtakes. 2 mins 36 secs. Funny stuff. Rebecca tells funny joke. Wind blown fun. Dressing. Bug in hair. Sand everywhere. Gals in van. Gals at the farm. No panties on. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disc 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play All Choices: Rebecca. Fan Choice. Jessica Fan Choice. Kay. Fan Choice. Victoria. At Large. Erin. At Large. Elizabeth. At Large. Choose Model Choices: Rebecca Slideshow Interview Jessica Slideshow Interview Kay Slideshow Interview Victoria Slideshow Interview Erin Slideshow Interview Elizabeth Slideshow Interview Behind the Scenes Slideshow Various sized pictures. 2 mins 26 secs. ============================================================================ Comments.....February 2004. Good ID. Email Den ============================================================================