Rocco's Initiations #09                  DVD

Suzie Carina looking good!                                        10/20/2004
Studio............Evil Angel DVD                                    XXX  Pro
Producer..........Rocco Siffredi Produzioni                          All Sex
Director..........Rocco Siffredi                                      
Distributor.......Evil Angel DVD                
Video Quality.....Good                                              Reviewer
Points............ 8.96                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review ^
 Alina Sun               Euro. Sexy brunette.    Oct 2003      
 Barbara Summer          Czech. Sexy. Hot.    E  Oct 2002      
 Eimi                    Prague. Honeyblonde.    Jul 2003      
 Eva (Kiev)              Sexy redhead.           Apr 2002      
 Henriette               Euro. Sexy redhead.     Mar 2004      
 Julie Silver            Czech. Blonde. Sexy.    Aug 2002      
 Lara (Danube)           Danube. Cute brunette.  May 2003      
 Mischel Wild            Euro. Sexy blonde.      Apr 2004      
 Nomi                    French. Cute blonde.    Feb 2000      
 Suzie Carina            Czech. Sexy honeyblond  Feb 2004       CAVR Nominee
1> Henriette & Alina & Rocco. Outdoors. Looking at panties. In room.        
     Touching. Fingering. Nude. Sits on his face. 69 her on top. BJ.        
     Screwing Alina cowgirl, rev cowgirl. Screwing Lara. Alina anal as      
     Henrette eats at the Y. Alina strokes him off on her face.         8.90
2> Mischel. On bed. Poses. Clit solo. Zero fingers her. Rocco plays with    
     her. BJ. Nude. Fingers her. Scfrewing on her back. Cums on her         
     belly. Eva & guy. Rims & eats her. Barbara & 2 guys join. Topless.     
     Titty sucking. Eating. Barbara eats Mischel. Triple BJ. No hands       
     BJ. Dual BJ. Screwing. Barbara anal. Screwing. Barbara DP. Guy         
     strokes off on Barbara's face. BJ clean off. Another facial. BJ        
     clean off. Eva facial.                                             9.00
3> Julie & Nomi & Suzie & Eimi & Claudia. Outdoors. Nacho titty sucks.      
     Outdoor party. Squash in plastic play. Rocco gets BJ. Titty screw-     
     ing. Dual BJ. Juliani Ferraz. Smoking. Watermelon on breasts &         
     body and eaten off. BJ. Screwing standing up, rev cowgirl & clit       
     solo. Pool side. Franco eats Suzie. Nomi gives BJ. Franco fingers      
     Suzie's ass. Nomi anal. Suzie A2M. Suzie open mouth facial. 2nd        
     Suzie open mouth facial. Cum licking up. Rocco gets milk.          9.00
Play Movie         Movie review is above.                                   
Chapter Menu       Choices 1 to 12. Good ladies ID.                    Bonus
Fetish Menu        Rimming/Pussy Licking, Anal & Cumshots.             Extra
Special Features   Extra Footage. 18 mins 44 secs.                     Extra
                     Lara & Rocco hardcore action. Alina joins.             
                     Rims Rocco. Final scene hardcore action.               
                   Photo Gallery. No picture counter.                  Bonus
                   Filmographies.                                      Extra
                     Nomi, Barbara, Julie, Claudia, Eimi,                   
                     Suzie & Alina.                                         
                   Cast List.                                          Bonus
                   Biography. 10 text pages on Rocco.                       
                   Websites. Rocco & Evil Angel's URLs.                     
Notes:  Movie.     Sexy action from all. Movie rates a                  8.97
        DVD.       Nice DVD extras that rates a                         8.95
Production date: 09/22/2004. Good ladies ID.                       Email Den