Raunchy Road Trip #05                   DVD

'Essex Anal Rampage'.                                             10/11/2004
Studio............VCA                                               XXX  Pro
                  9650 Desoto Ave.                                  Boy/Girl
                  Chatsworth         CA 91311                         
Producer..........Super Mario                   
Director..........Freddy Finger                 
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.82                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Angel Long Dec 2001 Euro. Cute hot blonde. Ashley Long Apr 2002 UK. Tall hot blonde. ^ Suzie Wammers Oct 2004 Essex. 34 JJ's. Blonde Rebekah Jordan Jul 2000 Dover. Blonde. ============================================================================ 1> Susie. Super busty blonde. Teases. Self titty sucking. Topless. Mario & guy. Dual titty sucking. Nude. Clit solo. Eats & fingers her. BJ. Ball sucking. Titty screwing. Screwing. DP doggie position. Guy stroke off on face & open mouth. BJ clean up. 9.00 2> Ashley & Angel. Teasing in van. Kiss. Topless. Titty sucking. Ashley's right breast is pierced. In park on blanket. Les play. Clit solo. Nude. Eating. Kiss. Eating. Fingering. 69 Angel on top. Dildo solo by each side-by-side. Dildo one another. 8.90 3> Ashley & Angel. Nude. Taking bath. Super Mario & 2 guys. Kissing. No hands BJ. Dual BJ. Eating each. Screwing in various positions. Anal fingering. Anal doggie position. Alternating BJs. Screwing & BJ. DP doggie position for Angel. Ladies kiss. They stroke a guy off into their open mouths. Ashley anal on her back & clit solo. Guy strokes off on Angel's face. Guy strokes off on Ashley's face. BJ clean up. Ladies kiss. 9.10 4> Ashley (2nd) & Becky. Outdoors. Flash their breasts. In van. Mario. Titty sucking. In room. Les play. Topless. Titty sucking. Nude. Fingering. Mario eats & rims the blonde. 2nd guy. Screwing on her back, rev cowgirl, doggie & clit solo. Open mouth facials. 8.90 5> Blonde & Blonde. In room. Sexy outfits. Kiss. Touching. Undress. Topless. Titty sucking. Nude. Eating. Clit solo. Fingering. eating. 69. Eating. Side-by-side dildo solo. 4 fingers solo. Dildo play & vib on clit at same time. 4 fingers. Vib egg in ass & vib solo. Kissing. Mario & them get it on. Anal. 9.10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start Movie Movie review is above. Jump to a Scene Choices 1 to 4. No ID. Photo Gallery Full sized pictures. Extra Other Titles Boxcovers: Bonus Contact Page. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Hot action from all. Love the Long's. Movie action rates a 9.00 DVD. Good picture quality & audio. DVD extras rates a 8.65 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 09/2001. Email Den ============================================================================