Rogue #23                               DVD

Only Girls & She-Males (No Boys Allowed)                          10/02/2004
Studio............Evil Angel Video                                  XXX  Pro
                  14141 Covello St. Unit #8-C                    She-Male/Bi
                  Van Nuys           CA 91405                         
Producer..........Joey Silvera                  
Director..........Joey Silvera                  
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.84                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Ariana Jollee Jun 2003 Sexy brunette. Tattoo. ^ Avy Lee Roth Sep 2004 Latino. Sexy. Hot. Danielle Foxxx Jun 2004 She-male. Blonde. Giovanna Di Pietro Oct 2004 She-male. Honeyblonde. Judy Mastronelli Jul 2004 Brazil. Sexy honey. Julie Night Jun 2002 Hot sexy honeyblonde. ^ Kallane Goares Oct 2004 She-male. Karol Oct 2003 She-male. Brunette. Kemmy Jul 2004 Sexy Asian. Renee Pornero Dec 2002 Brunette. Sexy. Rings. Sarah Sin Jun 2004 She-male. Blonde. Vicki Richter May 2002 She-male blonde. Penelopy Charmosa Oct 2004 Sexy redhead. ============================================================================ 1> Judy & Giovanna & Kallane. In room. Teasing. Touching. Eating. BJ 'Her Pussy is Good'. Nude. Dancing. Safe screwing. Anal fingering. Safe anal. Safe DP. Open mouth facial. 8.80 2> Sarah. Dressing in latex. Rene joins. No hands BJ. Bareback screwing. No hands BJ. Kiss. Bareback anal. Strap-on dildo for Sarah. Guy gets BJ from each & strokes off on their faces. Sarah strokes off. 8.50 3> Avy & Ariana & Daniellle. Duct tape hands & mouth. Paddling. Ball sucking. Titty sucking. BJ. Armpit licking. Face slapping. Spitting on face. BJ & pinches nosed closed. Avy smoking. Solo fingering. Bareback anal for Ariana. Squirts. Strap-on dildo for Danielle from Ariana. Danielle strokes off. Avy & Ariana smoking. Avy squirts. 8.80 4> Penelopy & Karol. Interview. Clit solo. Dildo solo. Titty sucking. BJ. Handjob. No hands BJ. Safe screwing. Clit solo. Safe screwing. Safe anal. Dildo solo. Anal dildo for Karol as she strokes off. 8.80 5> Julie. Dildo solo. Kemmy topless. Vicki joins. Leg worship. Anal fingering. Eating. Kemmy surprised & gives BJ. Julie uses dildo on Vicki. Kemmy uses dildo on Vicki. Julie bareback anal. Julie bareback screwing & dildo on clit solo. Julie rims Vicki. Vicki Strokes off on Julie's face. BJ clean up. 8.80 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review is above. Chapter Menu Choices 1 to 12. Good ladies name ID. Bonus Fetish Menu BJs, Spanking, Anal, DP & Cumshots. Extra Special Features Extra Footage. Extra Hardcore footage. Renee & Sarah smoking. Avy smoking. Ariana puts 8 clothespins on breasts. Ariana bareback anal. Armpit licking. 16 mins 36 secs. Photo Gallery. Various sized pictures. Bonus No picture counter. Cast List. Bonus Filmographies. Extra Judy, Julie, Karol, Kemmy, Renee, Sarah, Vicki, Ariana & Danielle. Websites. Evil & Joey's URLs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Movie action rates a 8.74 DVD. Nice DVD extras that rates a 8.95 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 09/15/2004. Email Den ============================================================================