Natural Busty Beauties                  DVD

The Best by Private.                                              09/24/2004
Studio............Private North America                             XXX  Pro
                  10947 Pendleton St                             Compilation
                  Sun Valley         CA 91352                         
Producer..........Fraserside Holding Ltd.       
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.47                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Andy (Euro) Sep 2004 Private. Sexy blonde. Anita Blond Dec 1996 Euro. Blonde/brunette. Dina Jewel Jun 1997 Private. Hot blonde. Jane Darling Jul 2002 Euro. Busty. Hot. Sexy ^ Judith Fox Mar 2000 Private. Hot brunette. Katia Love Oct 2000 Euro. Hot brunette. Laura Palmer May 1995 Hot actress. Lea de Mae Dec 1999 Czech. Cute brunette. Myli Mar 2002 Hungary. Tall blonde. Rita Faltoyano Nov 2000 Euro. Hot busty Star! ^ Susy (Budapest) Mar 1999 Euro. Real cute. Valentina Feb 1997 Hot Euro actress. ============================================================================ Film Notes: 1> Dina Jewel. From: Operation Sex Siege Date: June 1996 Dir: Nic Cramer Cast: Dina & Andrew Youngman & Francesco Malcom 2> Susy. From: Reality 2 Date: April 2001 Budapest Hungary Dir: Andrew Youngman & John Walton Cast: Susy & Choky Ice 3> Judith Fox & Rita Faltoyano. From: No Sun, No Fun! Date: February 2000 Costa Rica Dir: Pierre Woodman Cast: Judith & Rita & Sabastian Barrio & Pascal St. James & James Brossman 4> Katia Love. From: Dangerous Things Date: March 2000 Brazil, Budapest Hungary Dir: Antonio Adamo Cast: Katia & Leslie Taylor & Jonny Montana 5> Myli. From: Bacchanal Date: October 1995 Budapest Hungary Dir: Jean Yves Lecastel Cast: Myli & David Perry & Steve Holmes 6> Jane Datling & Lea De Mae. From: Snowsluts Date: March/April 2003 Chamonix France Dir: Gazzman Cast: Lea & Jane & Micky Blue & Ramon Nomar 7> Anita Blond & Laura Palmer. From: Arrowhead Date: Feb 1995. Philippines Dir: Francois Clousot Cast: Anita & Laura & Damien Michaels & Frank Towers & John Dough 8> Andy. From: Riviera 3 Date: May/June 2000 Dir: Pierre Woodman Cast: Andy & James Brossman 9> Valentina. From: Private Video Stories 7 Date: Dec 1995 Caracas Venezuela Dir: Jane Waters Cast: Valentina & Riny ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scene Selection Choices 1 to 9. Scene number ID. Languages Movie has 5 choices. Bonus Subtitles has 8 choices. Extra Materials Trailer. This movie. 1 min 2 secs. Cast. Extra Andy Hungarian 19 Anita Hungarian 19 Jane Czech 23 Judith Hungarian 18 Katia Romanian 23 Laura Czech 26 Lea Czech 27 Myli Hungarian 20 Rita Hungarian 23 Susy Hungarian 19 Valentina Hungarian 20 Photobook. Extra Full sized pictures. Film Notes. Extra See details above. Other Titles. Extra Private Story of Mia Stone Cum Suckers Castings X 33 Woman's Ass is a Beautiful Thing Anal Mermaids The Millionaire Play Movie Movie. Compilation action. About Private Includes: Discover Private DVDs Who's Private Private Internet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Good compilation action that rates a 8.00 DVD. Nice DVD extras that rates a 8.95 ============================================================================ Comments.....Release date: August 2004. Email Den ============================================================================