Glori-Anne Gilbert                      DVD

One very popular 'R' star!                                        09/20/2004
Studio............Glori-Anne Gilbert Fan Club                       R     Am
                  4885-A McKnight Rd #307                          Girl/Girl
                  Pittsburgh         PA 15237                         
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================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Glori-Anne Nov 1997 Hot entertainer. E Marley Murphy Sep 2004 Busty brunette. ============================================================================ 1> Glori-Anne makes the Maid #5. Glori-Anne (Fetish outfit) & Marley Murphy (French Maid outfit). Marley cleaning room. Glori-Anne posing & teasing. Marley dusts herself, touches herself. Glori-Anne almost falls out of her tied top. Marley removes her panties. Marley cleans and shows her shaved bush. Glori-Anne strips nude and she is also shaved. Touching. Glori-Anne titty plays. Marley sucks Glori-Anne's nipples. Both nude. Kissing. Marley eats Glori-Anne, but all we see is back of her head. They spread rug on floor. Marley on her back as Glori-Anne pours candle wax on Marley's pubic area and then plays with it and then plays with her breasts. Marley pours candle wax on Glori-Anne's breasts & then licks it off. Lots of wax on Glori-Anne's breasts. Kissing. 27 mins 22 secs. 2> Trick -n- Treat. Glori-Anne in lowcut dress as she talks to camera and lowers her top. Poses/teases. Topless. Strips nude. In another sexy out- fit. Teases. Topless. Poses/teases. Glori-Anne nude with thigh high hose, hi-heels and mid height gloves. Poses/teases. Removes her hose. Another outfit. Teasing. Little Devil outfit. 20 mins 23 secs. 3> Glori-Anne Gilbert: Actress/model. Clips from her various movies and stage performances. 4 mins 31 secs. ============================================================================ Comments.....DVD-R disc. Email Den ============================================================================