Runaround Sue                           DVD

She Goes Out With Other Guys... and Girls! and...                 09/19/2004
Studio............Z Sex                                             XXX  Pro
Producer..........Jelly Roll Company            
Director..........Roy Karch                     
Videographer......Barry Wood (Hall of Famer)    
BTS...............Sindee Cox                    
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.83                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Audrey Hollander Feb 2004 Sexy busty redhead. E ^ Brittney Skye Jan 2002 Busty blonde. Cute. E Layla Jade Mar 1999 UK. Sexy. Hot blonde E ^ Misty Mason / Japan Dec 2002 Black. Lots of tattoos Nadia Styles May 2004 Sexy. Streaked hair. ============================================================================ 1> The Hitch Hikers. Audrey & Steve Hatcher. On bed. Eats her. Rims her. 4 fingers her. No hands BJ. Deep throat. 69 her on top. Nude. Anal & solo fingering. He strokes off on her face. BJ clean off. 9.30 2> Leftovers. Nadia & Brittney. Nude taking a bath. Touching. Titty sucking. Fingering. Portable water faucet on clit fun. Dildo solo. Dildo for Brittney. Dildo for Nadia. Kissing. 8.80 3> Horndogs. Misty & Otto Bauer. In bar. Touching. Undressing. Topless. Titty sucking. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Nude. Screwing on her back. Looks like she got a boobjob. Screwing her from behind, upside down. He strokes off on her face & in her open mouth. 8.70 4> The Roomate. Layla & Kyle Stone. In bedroom. Kiss. Topless. Titty sucking. Eats her. BJ. Safe screwing her from behind her, side ways & clit solo. 69 her on top. She strokes him off on her breasts. 8.70 5> The Husband. Brittney & Barrett Blade. On bed. Kiss. BJ. Ball suck- ing. No hands BJ. Screwing side ways, side ways & vib solo, doggie & vib solo, on her back. He strokes off on her face & open mouth. 8.80 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie review is above. Chapters Choices. 1 to 5. Slide Show Various sized pictures. Extra < Main > Behind the Scenes BTS. 29 mins 18 secs. Extra Brittney poses for stills. Layla talks to camera & interviewed by Sindee. Roy smiles to camera & talks to camera. Sindee talks to camera. Nadia outdoors interviewed by Sindee, watched porn at 13. Sindee talks about being 'knocked up'. Nadia & Brittney nude in bathtub, hardcore action. Audrey interviewed, talks about beers, has new car. Misty posing with her new boobs, interviewed by Sindee. Brittney interview. Only does anal with Barrett. Internet Page. Trailers Movie previews for 6 hot releases. Extra ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Good action that rates a 8.86 DVD. DVD extras that rates a 8.80 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 05/06/2004. Cast ID list. Email Den ============================================================================