Ghetto Booty #12                        DVD

Keepin' It Gangsta! Ghetto Booty CD included.                     07/31/2004
Studio............Hustler Video DVD                                 XXX  Pro
                  P.O. Box 17317                                      Ethnic
                  Beverly Hills      CA 90209-9959                    
Producer..........Inner City Squad              
Director..........D. Sparky                     
Supplied By.......LFP Video                     
Where to Buy......Info
No Stars ID.......Please ID the Ladies!
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.88                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Adorable Jul 2004 Black. Sexy. Tattoo's. Carmen Hayes Jan 2004 Black. Busty. Cute. ^ Maria (Black) Jul 2004 Black. Cute. Hot. Precious (Rings) Dec 2003 Black. Sexy. Cute. Shae Sep 2003 Black. Busty. Sexy. Wet Peaches Mar 2004 Black. Sexy. ============================================================================ 1> Carmen & Jason Zupalo. Sexy blue outfit. Touch. 'So much to miss'. No hands BJ. 'Teaz' tit tattoo. Nude. Screwing cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie position. He strokes off on her ass. 8.60 2> Maria & Boz. Interview. Nude. Titty sucking. Clit solo. BJ. Kiss. BJ. Screwing on her back & clit solo, on her back, doggie pos- ition, on her belly, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, leaning forward, on her belly. He strokes off on her face & open mouth. 8.70 3> Wet & Jason. Outdoors. On sofa. BJ. Countre' Pipes replaces Jason. BJ. Booty shake. Nude. Screwing cowgirl, from behind her. Indoors. Screwing head down ass up, reverse cowgirl, leaning forward. He strokes off on her ass. 8.60 4> Shae & John E Depth. In room. Playing around. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Nude. Screwing her from behind, cowgirl, on her back. He strokes off on her belly. Lots of cum. 8.60 5> Adorable & Countre' Pipes. On bed. Interview. Strips nude. BJ. Screwing cowgirl, rev cowgirl leaning forward, doggie position, on her back. He strokes off on her face & then she smiles. 8.60 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie Movie review is above. Chapter Index Choices 1 to 6. Scene title ID. Bonus View various sized pictures. Bonus Special Features Behind Scenes. 5 mins 52 secs. Extra Maria topless teasing. Nude. Drinking water. Interview. Sitting on toilet. In hardcore action. Gal eating food. Bonus Scene. 13 mins 42 secs. Extra Precious & Bishop. Nude. Oils her. No hands BJ. Screwing. He strokes off on her ass. Cast List Bonus Slide Show. No counter display & no FF. Extra Trailers. 6 hot Hustler movie previews. Extra Sex Talk. Hustler Hollywood. Disc 2. CD Music. Extra 1> Steady 2> Heist 3> Upset 'Em ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Good ethnic action that rates a 8.62 DVD. Nice DVD extras that rates a 9.15 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 02/02/2004. No stars ID. Email Den ============================================================================