Xcitement Magazine (2004/07)

The 2004 Award Wrap-Up and Gauge interview.                       07/26/2004
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================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Cindi Loftus Apr 2003 Writer / Reviewer Gauge Mar 2000 Cute brunette. Petite. Skyla Banks May 2004 Sexy honeyblonde. ============================================================================ Cindi Loftus is a great gal that I met at the Brooke Hunter wedding a few years ago in Las Vegas at the convention. She is really cool and a good friend to the adult industry. She even had a small part in a movie. La Femme Nikita Denise #02 In this issue Cindi has a great interview with the hottie Gauge. Do you know that Gauge is 24 years old? Nice nude pictorials. Cindi has a nice article on Exquisite Multimedia Productions. Max Hardcore Tyce Bune Rodney Moore Also Cindi did The 2004 Awards Wrap-Up that includes: Rog Awards CAVR Awards AVN Awards XRCO Awards Thanks Cindi for the doing this article and for both including CAVR and the nice words on me. And, I kinda like the ranking sequence! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other items of interest: The Pipeline by Rog Pipe. Nice picture of Aurora and some guy. (Rog - just being funny). Reviews: XXXX is best. Barely Ripe Cherries XX Toss My Salad 3 XXX Wicked Sorceress XXXX Rated T for Teen XXXX Sex Bullets XXX The Art of Ass XXXX Hollywood Harlots 4 XXX American Bukkake 16 XXXX Sugar Daddy 24 XXX 10 Man Cum Slam XXX Purely Sexual XX POV Pervert 2 XXXX This Month's Guest... Skyla Banks interview and pictorial. ============================================================================ Comments.....July 2004 Issue $4.95 Email Den ============================================================================