Rocco: Animal Trainer #15               DVD

The long awaited Jewel/Rocco scene!                               07/22/2004
Studio............Evil Angel Video                                  XXX  Pro
                  14141 Covello St. Unit #8-C                       Boy/Girl
                  Van Nuys           CA 91405                        Choking
Producer..........Rocco Siffredi Produzioni     
Director..........Rocco Siffredi                
Where to Buy......Info
Major Star........Top Adult Star
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.50                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Bellissima / Alena Oct 2002 Euro. Busty brunette. Elle (Make-up) Jul 2004 Sexy make-up gal. Jewel De'Nyle Sep 1998 2002 CAVR Hot Star! E Julie Silver Aug 2002 Hot kinky blonde. Melissa (Euro) Mar 2002 Euro. Real cute blonde Mira (Budapest) Oct 2003 Sexy brunette. Monique Nov 1996 Black. Hot does-it-all Promise Jun 2002 Black. Sexy. Cute! Sara Dark Mar 2004 Euro. Sexy honeyblonde ============================================================================ 1> Mira & Alena & Sara & 8 guys. Wearing masks as Mira gives black guy a BJ. Mira gives BJ. Sara outdoors with black guy. No hands BJ. Clit solo. Anal & BJ. Rim job. Anal & no hands BJ. Circle jerk BJs. Open mouth facials. 9.00 2> Monique & Promise & Manuel Farrara & Rocco & Elle. In make-up. No hands BJ from each. Suction cup dildo BJ. Dildo solo. BJ. Eating. Fingers Monique. Monique rims Manuel. Dual toe sucking. Promise gives rimjob. Anal solo dildo. Jewel in hot bikini teases. Open mouth facial for Promise & Monique. 9.10 Damn, I was hoping they would get a 'little more' out of Promise. Was hoping for anal. And, as the scene developed, I was hoping that Elle would have gotten more involved. Monique is an animal! 3> Jewel & Rocco. Hot bikini. Poses/teases. Rocco. No hands BJ. Topless. Titty sucking. Nude. 3 fingers anal solo. Brandon Iron watching them. Kiss. Thumbs her. Screwing her from behind, sitting facing him. Jewel rims Rocco. Rocco chokes Jewel, pulls her hair & spanks her. Anal from behind, but footage is dark and hard to see. A2M. Anal from behind her as he chokes her. Rocco spits on her face. Jewel rims him. In room. No hands BJ. Spanks her. Jewel flushes toilet. Rocco puts her head in toilet. He strokes off on her face. 9.00 Damn, what a disappointment. First of all the picture quality on the close-ups is too dark to see anything. Jewel is one of the hottest stars of all-time and Rocco is Rocco. I was expecting a really hot sex scene. For me hot sex does not include spanking a gals ass until it is red, slapping her face, spitting in her face, choking her, pulling her hair and dunking her head in a toilet. Not sure what all of this has to do with sex? 4> Julie & Melissa & Manuel & Franco & Joachim. Outdoors. Julie restrained. White powder thrown on hr by Franco. White powder on his face. Joachim eats Julie. Kissing. Melissa gives BJ. Unties her. In empty swimming pool as he hoses her with garden hose. Clit solo. No hands BJ. Anal reverse cowgirl, Screwing & les eating at the Y. Anal upside down. Anal & dildo in ass at same time. Anal dildo solo. Anal for each. A2M. Manuel strokes off into open mouth. Cum swap. Screwing. 2nd open mouth facial. Cum swap. Ladies kiss. Franco licks the ladies faces and kisses them. Franco fingers gals ass, uses large dildo on her anally in doggie position. Dual BJ. Anal from behind & les eating at the Y. Stack'em up anal going from one to the other. He strokes off into open mouth. Cum swapping. 9.10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie Movie review is above. 3 American girls. Chapter Menu Choices 1 to 12. Bonus Good ladies name ID. Fetish Menu Choices: Bonus Toys BJs Rimjob Anal DP Cumshots Special Features Extra Footage. 24 min 36 secs. Extra Promise. Nude. Gives Rocco head. Monique anal. Screwing Promise. Monique fists her ass, but real dark footage. Promise rims Monique. Promise attempts to fist Monique's ass. Jewel & Rocco. Slaps her face, spits on her face. Anal. 4 fingers anal solo. Tastes her fingers. BJ. Anal. Oops, a real mess & Jewel licks it off. Rocco, 'You want me to shit in your mouth'. Jewel fingers Rocco's ass and licks her fingers. Rocco spits on her face. Spanks her ass cheeks red. Chokes her. Spits on her face. BJ. Jewel rims Rocco. Jewel fingers her ass and then fingers Rocco's ass, 'My ass to your ass'. Chokes her. Slaps her face. Spits on her face. Dark shadows blocks alot of the viewing. Chokes her. On stairs. Large dildo solo as Rocco screws her ass. Anal. Leakage. Anal dildo & and anal at the same time. Jewel licks the dirty dildo. Anal doggie position with 3 red welts on her ass. A2M. Jewel sucks his big toe. Jewel says, 'I got to pee'. Jewel screws his foot, but her hand blocks the view. Jewel screws his big toe and then his foot. Big toe anal screwing. Jewel tasteshis big toe. Jewel solo and action ends. Photo Gallery. Extra Various sized pictures. No kinky pictures. No picture counter? You must depress to quit. Note: It would be neat if when they update this portion and add picture count on the screen or in the DVD display, they also added the ladies name. Biography of Rocco. Text pages on Rocco. Cast List. Bonus Stars listed by scene. Filmographies. Extra Alena aka Bellissima Monique Jewel De'Nyle Melissa Julie Silver Websites. Evil Angel Rocco ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Minus the rough stuff, the sex action is hot. Movie action rates a 9.05 DVD. Okay picture quality with alot of dark footage on the close ups. Good audio. DVD extras are nice. The BTS will be talked about for years. You must see to understand. Let's say it is kinky as you can get. The actual Jewel/Rocco scene was too rough and a turn off for me. But, the BTS of this scene with kinkiness was much better. Warning, not for everybody. DVD extras rates a 8.95 Overall rating is 9.00 But, choking rule applies. ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 06/15/2004. Good ladies ID. Email Den ============================================================================