Glori-Anne on WLW radio

Glori does a great job on Bill Cunningham Show                    07/19/2004
Studio............WLW 700 am radio                                  R    Pro

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Glori-Anne Nov 1997 Hot entertainer. E ============================================================================ Glori-Anne was on the Bill Cunningham Show today. She was in studio to promote her a 'R' rated movie that she shot in Cincinnati with a local company. She only does topless in the movie, but she talked the director into changing her part to include topless. Go! She did a real good job in promoting herself and the 'R' rated side of the business. Her parents are nudist and she grew up in that environment. She talked about the nudest life style. She has made approximately 30 'R' rated movies and is also a featured dancer. She gave advice to any 18 year old gal who wanted to get into the adult business: Get an education first. Make sure you have something to fall back on during slow times. She is from Kansas City and likes to hang out in Pittsburgh where her fan club is based. She says she has 3,000 in her fan data base. She came across as very smart while giggling and laughing and teasing quite abit. The hightlight of the broadcast was when she read the Sports Update and she actually new the baseball guys names and pronounced them correctly. It was a joy listening to her on the radio. Thank you Glori for a job well done. Hint to the local Hustler Hollywood store in Monroe, Oh: When you bring Stars in for in-store signings, have them appear of WLW radio. Lots of adult fans listen to am radio! 07/19/2004 =============================================================== Glori-Anne Nov 1997 Rating =============================================================== CD Glori-Anne    09/10/2000     4.00 Chiller Convention    11/02/1997     4.50 Glori-Anne    08/15/1998     4.60 Glori-Anne on WLW radio    07/19/2004     1.00 Killer Sex Queens from Cyberspace    08/10/1998     4.50 =============================================================== Number of Reviews 5 ============================================================================ Comments.....Monday: July 19, 2004. 2:00pm to 3:00pm Email Den ============================================================================