Girl + Girl #07                         DVD

Mandy's with her hairy bush. Banana & Cucumber fun                07/07/2004
Studio............Hustler Video / DVD                               XXX  Pro
                  P.O. Box 17317                                   Girl/Girl
                  Beverly Hills      CA 90209-9959                    
Producer..........Larry Flynt                   
Director..........Zora Banx                     
Videographer......Frank Thring                  
Supplied By.......LFP Video                     
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.96                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Ester Whaite Jul 2004 Sexy honeyblonde. Jacqueline Stone Feb 2004 Euro. Hot. Sexy. Slim. Joanne Jul 2004 Euro. Sexy brunette. Judy White Oct 2003 Euro. Sexy brunette. Mandy Bright Mar 2002 AVN 2004 Best Foreign ^ Mia Stone Mar 2001 Euro. Cute blonde. Sheila (Czech) Jul 2004 Blonde. Tattoo's. Sheryl Apr 2004 Euro. Sexy brunette. Simony May 2003 Euro. Sexy honeyblonde Sylvi (Euro) Jul 2004 Euro. Sexy blonde. Veronica Carso Oct 2001 Euro. Cute blonde. Yasmine Gold Jul 2004 Euro. Petite blonde. Zora Banx Oct 1998 Sweden. Busty blonde. ============================================================================ 1> Ice Rink. Joanne & Sheryl. In room. Sexy dresses. Kiss. Topless. Titty sucking. Eating. Pink dildo play. 69. Eating. Fingering. Dildo play & clit solo. Anal dildo play & clit solo. 8.90 2> Cafe. Mia & Veronica & Sheila. Photographer talks to Zora. Eating. Rim job. Dildo solo. Dildo play. Side-by-side dildo. Anal dildo play. Trio dildo solo's. 8.90 3> Pinball Arcade. Simony & Ester. Playing pinball machine. Kissing. Touching. Topless. Titty sucking. Nude. Eating. Rim job. 2 fingers in & out play. Sharing dildo on their backs. Squat dildo solo & eating. Anal dildo for Simony. Kissing. 8.90 4> Auto Sales Office. Jaqueline & Judy & Yasmine. In office. Undressing. Kiss. Nude. Eating. 69. Eating. Clit solo. Dildo solo. Squat dildo play. Sharing dildo on their backs and dildo solo on desk. 9.00 5> Beauty Therapy. Mandy & Sylvi & Zora. In room. Zora smoking. Honey on boob. Kiss. Honey on pussy, eats it off. Apricote BJ, used on Sylvi. 'American' cream poured on Zora, shaves her. Mandy eats Zora. Zora eats Mandy's hairy bush. Sylvi eats & fingers Mandy. Cucimber dual BJ. Cucumber play for Mandy with good in & out action. Zora banana solo, Mandy anal carrot solo & Sylvi carrot solo. Damn, just like in the good ole days! Hot! 9.20 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review is above. Chapters Choices 1 to 5. Scene title ID. Extra View various types of sex by scene. Special Features Cat List. Stars listed by scene. Bonus Previews. 6 hot Hustler movie trailers. Extra Hustler Hollywood. Sexy commercial. Behind Scenes. 6 mins 33 secs. Extra Frank talks to camera. Mia & Sheila & Veronica pose for stills, in hardcore action, trio dildo solo's. Mandy & Zora & Sylvi in food hardcore action. Auto Sales gals in action. Photo Gallery. Full size pictures. 2 mins. Extra 3 Hustler website URLs. Sex Talk. Trailer. Lindsey & Paisley. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notees: Movie Good les action from all. Cute little newbie Yasmine is hot. But, the last scene is a real smoker! Movie action rates a 8.98 Extras DVD has some real nice DVD extras that rates a pretty good 8.95 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production dates: 02/2004 & 03/2004. Good ladies. Email Den ============================================================================