Ghetto Booty #11                        DVD

Jackie Moore and Malorie Marx get down!                           05/22/2004
Studio............Hustler / Inner City Squad                        XXX  Pro
                  8484 Wilshire Blvd                                  Ethnic
                  Bevery Hills       CA 90211     
Director..........D. Sparky                     
Supplied By.......LFP Video                     
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.87                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Desiree Devlin'lin Jun 2002 Black. Cute. Sexy. Jackie Moore Mar 2003 Brunette. Sexy. Hot. Malorie Marx Aug 2002 Sexy redhead. Tattoo. Peachez May 2004 Sexy redhead. Princess (Black) May 2004 Black. Sexy. Cute. Serena Platinum Sep 2000 Black. Sexy. Hot. ============================================================================ 1> Desiree & Domineko. On sofa. BJ. Nude. Screwing rev cowgirl, cowgirl, doggie position. Closed mouth facial. Cum on her lips & chin. 8.60 2> Peachez. Red hair. Interview. Sexy outfit. Strips nude. BJ/handjob. No hands BJ. Countre'. Screwing cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie position, from behind her. Open mouth facial. Lots of cum. 8.80 3> Serena & John E. Depth. Blonde hair. Interview. Shakes her booty. BJ/handjob. Screwing cowgirl, on her back, doggie position. He strokes off on her ass. 8.60 4> Princess & Countre'. Interview. 'TAOS' Belly tattoo. Nice breasts. BJ. Nude. No hands BJ. Screwing cowgirl, rev cowgirl leaning forward, rev cowgirl, on her belly, from behind her. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off. 8.80 5> Malorie & Mr. Marcus. Interview. Sexy bikini. Touching. BJ. No hands BJ. Strips nude. No hands BJ. Screwing cowgirl, leaning forward, rev cowgirl & clit solo. P2M. Clit solo. Screwing on her back, doggie position, side ways. Open mouth facial. 8.90 6> Jackie & John E. Depth. Sexy large mesh outfit. Nipple rings. BJ. Screwing cowgirl. Anal solo fingering. P2M. Screwing cowgirl, from behind her, rev cowgirl, on her back & clit solo. Cums on tits. 8.80 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review is above and rates a 8.75 Chapters Choices 1 to 6. Good ID. Extra. Sex Menu. View various types of sex by scene. Special Features Cast List. Stars listed by scene. Bonus. Previews. 6 hot Hustler movie trailers. Extra. Slide Show. Full size. 2 mins. Extra. Behind Scenes. 8 mins 50 secs. Extra. Serena working out. Booty shake. Peachez nude, didn't bring any clothes, gives her real name, likes girls, doesn't do anal, real quite. Jackie talks to camera. Mr. Marcus & Malorie after their scene. Serena interview. Malorie in action. Serena in action. Jackie in action, 'Mish you can f..k as deep as you want'. Sex Talk. Trailer. Lindsey & Paisley. 3 Hustler website URLs. Hustler Hollywood. Sexy commercial. Bonus Scene. Jackie & John E. Depth. Bonus. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Nice action from all. Nice DVD extras. 9.00 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 02/20/2004. Good ladies ID. Email Den ============================================================================