Emma at Home #03                        DVD

Emma continues to have solo fun.                                  05/08/2004
Studio............Shot at Home                                      XXX   Am
                  P.O. Box 519                                          Solo
                  Sanbornville       NH 03872     
Where to Buy......Info
Video Quality.....Fair     
Points............ 8.50                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Emma (SAH) May 2004 Sexy busty blonde. E ============================================================================ 1> Emma. In kitchen. Drinking coffee. Wearing casual wear outfit. In bathroom. Talks to camera. Topless. Right nipple ring. Changes clothes. Gets in convertible. Driving car. Clit solo. 'You know a girl has to jerk off when she is driving'. Bare titty play. Clit solo. Solo fingering sitting in car. Solo fingering as she bends over. Nude. 2 fingers solo. 2> Emma. In bathroom. Nude. Puts on panties. In closet, checks out her clothes. In bedroom. Dresses. On bed. Dildo BJ. Dildo solo with good in and out action. Tastes the dildo. Dresses. In kitchen. Sexy black top & skirt. Drinks from bottle. Puts on coat. 3> Later That Same Night... Emma. Lowcut dress. Clit solo. Fingers herself. Strips nude. In bathroom. Scrubs teeth. On bed. Dildo BJ. Dildo solo with good in & out action on her back. Squat dildo solo. Dildo BJ. Lotions herself. Anal beads inserted in vag & then dildo in & out action. Emma removes the beads on a string from her vag. Tastes the beads. Lubes butt plug. Inserts butt plug in doggie position. Good close up. She struggles, but gets most of it in her ass. Clit solo. On bed. Vib solo. G-spot dildo solo. Emma dresses & climbs in bed. Waves good-bye. ============================================================================ Play Movie See movie review above. Play Preview Shot at Home Clips - Reel 5: Amanda Soccer Mom #1 Alessia Ex-Romanian Gymnast #4 Jessica Hometown Cutie #9 Angela More Outdoor Fun #5 Cassandra Horny Wife To Be #2 Shelly Horny Suburban Wife #1 31 mins 41 secs. Chapters Choices 1 to 6. No ID. Extra 'O' Emma. Topless. 2 fingers solo as she cums very vocally. 1 min 6 secs. ============================================================================ Comments.....Release date: 01/24/2004. Email Den ============================================================================