Kelli at Home #01                       DVD

Kelli is a super cute little blonde.                              05/07/2004
Studio............Shot at Home                                      XXX   Am
                  P.O. Box 519                                          Solo
                  Sanbornville       NH 03872     
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Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.50                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Kelli Anderson May 2004 Amateur. Sexy blonde. ============================================================================ 1> Kelli. On sofa. Blouse and jeans. Talks to camera. Youngstown, OH. Is making this video for Andy at Shot at Home. Sexy. Cute. Real. Has 2 sisters. 'I am very playful'. 2> Kelli. In bedroom. Sexy talk and teasing as she undresses. Left armband tattoo. Topless. Nice real breasts, about 32B. Tries on various outfits. Teases all the time. Nudity. Shaved bush. 3> Kelli. In bathroom. Strips nude. Takes shower. Lathers up & shaves herself. Shaved bush. Clit solo standing facing camera and with back to camera. 4> Kelli. On sofa. Blouse and jeans. Touches herself. Clit solo under her pants. 5> Kelli. In room. Sexy black panties, bra and thigh high hose. Poses & teases in door way. Removes panties. Clit solo. Clit solo & fingers her ass. 6> Kelli. In office. Nude, except black hose and heels. On chair. Clit solo. 7> Kelli. On bed. Sexy black teddi & hose. Clit solo. Poses/teases. Glass dildo gets BJ. Clit solo. Remove panties. Clit solo. Solo using glass dildo. Removes teddi. Glass dildo solo. Clit solo on her blrry. Glass dildo in and out action. Anal solo Blue dildo gets BJ & then used for some in and out action on her side and on her back. Squat dildo fun. Glass dildo action on her back. Kelli teases and talks to camera and asks us to come back for her next adventures, maybe outdoors. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie See above for review. Play Preview Shot at Home Clips - Reel 1: Kristen & Ray #2 Amity Give Me More #1 Cassandra Horny Wife to Be #1 Angela #1 Megan Video Letters to Alaska #2 Jessica The Hometown Cutie #5 31 mins 30 secs. Chapters Choices 1 to 6. No ID. Extra 'O' Kelli nude in bathtub. Fingers herself. Cums. Teases. 59 secs. ============================================================================ Comments.....Release date: 10/25/2003. Email Den ============================================================================