One in Pink and One in Stink #03        DVD

100% Double Penetration.                                          04/08/2004
Studio............Red Light District                                XXX  Pro
                  21018 Osborne St                              Newbies/Teen
                  Canoga Park        CA 91303     
Producer..........Robbie Fischer                
Director..........Robbie Fischer                
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.97                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Kate Kaptive Nov 2003 Cute honeyblonde. 32As Keiko Sep 2003 Cute light redhead. Lena Julliette Dec 2003 Mexican. Navel tattoo. Melanie X Dec 2003 UK. Blonde. Tattoo's. Sabina (Sweden) Oct 2003 Black. Sexy. Cute. Tracie Trixxx Oct 2003 Sexy slim brunette. ============================================================================ 1> Melanie. Interview. 21 yrs old. London. Sexy outfit. Nude. 2 fingers solo. Brain Pumper & Joel Lawrence. Screwing & no hands BJ doggie. Anal & BJ doggie, rev cowgirl. DP rev cowgirl, doggie position. 2 open mouth facials. BJ clean off. 9.10 2> Sabina. Interview. Sweden. 24 yrs old. Michael Stefano & Chris Charm- ing. BJ for each. No hands BJ. Screwing & BJ side ways, reverse cowgirl. Anal & BJ rev cowgirl. DP rev cowgirl, doggie position. rev cowgirl, doggie. Open mouth facials. BJ clean off. 9.00 3> Keiko. Interview. 20 yrs old. Stripteases. Nude. Clit solo. Brian Pumper & Scott Lyons. Screwing & no hands BJ. Anal & BJ reverse cowgirl, doggie. DP doggie position, rev cowgirl. Guys stroke off on her face. She is a cutie and a hottie. 'I have been blasted!'. 9.20 4> Lena. Interview. 18 yrs old. Nude. Chris Charming & Scott Lyons. BJs. Screwing & no hands BJ side ways, reverse cowgirl, doggie. Anal & BJ side ways & clit solo. DP rev cowgirl. A2M. DP doggie position. 2 open mouth facials. Swallows. Bulls eye. 9.30 5> Tracy. Interview. 18 yrs old. Sexy outfit. Topless. Solo fingering. Michael & Chris. Kiss. Eats her. Fingers her ass. No hands BJ. Screwing & BJ. Anal & BJ doggie position. DP doggie position, rev cowgirl. Anal. A2P. P2A. Ball sucking. Anal & BJ. Facials. 9.10 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review is above and rates a very hot 9.14 Scene Selection Choices 1 to 5. Scene number ID. Special Features Behind Scenes. Extra. 38 mins 23 secs. Keiko in hardcore action. Farts? Sabina doing paperwork, dressing, poses for stills, in hardcore action. High fives. Keiko poses for stills. (Hose has a run in it). Interesting Keiko talk, does splits, aerobic posing, thanks Brigette Kerkove. Rivet chic. Lena poses, talks to camera, smokes outdoors. Talks about O.C. Melanie talks to camera, smokes. Indoors. Boner Scene. Extra. 7 mins 24 secs. Kate & Robbie Fischer. Strips nude. Clit solo. BJ. Ball sucking. No hands BJ. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off. Photo Gallery. Extra. Various sized pictures. 2:22 Web Access. Computer DVD Users. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Hot action from all. Good DP action. DVD. Good picture quality & audio. Some nice DVD extras. 8.80 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 10/03/2003. Good ladies ID. Email Den ============================================================================