North Pole #45                          DVD

'See These Hotties in Action!!!'.                                 03/03/2004
Studio............North Pole Enterprises                            XXX  Pro
                  537 Newport Center Drive                          Boy/Girl
                  Newport Beach      CA 92660     
Producer..........Peter North                   
Director..........Peter North                   
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.78                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Allisa Mar 1999 Cute slim blonde. Chrissy Taylor Aug 2003 Sexy light brunette. Christie Lee Sep 2003 Canada. Sexy. Cutey. ^ Janet (Euro) Nov 2002 Brunette. Arm tattoo. Sandy Style Dec 2001 Euro. Cute. Blonde. ============================================================================ 1> Plain and Simple. Christie & Peter North. Sexy teddi. On sofa. Kissing. She sucks his nipples. BJ/handjob. Ball sucking. No hands BJ. Nude. Eats her. Clit solo. Fingers her. Screwing on her back, doggie position, side ways. He strokes off on her face. Lots of cum. Bulls eye. BJ clean up. 8.80 2> Unexpected Company. Janet & Alberto & Claudio. On sofa. Looking at magazine. Clit solo. Alberto Rey. Kissing. Touching. Eats her. Fingers both holes. Claudio Meloni joins. Screwing & no hands BJ. Nude. Anal & BJ rev cowgirl. DP reverse cowgirl. Gape. DP doggie, standing holding her up. Facials. 9.10 3> Friday Evening. Sandy & Peter North. Sexy dress. On sofa. Kissing. Topless. Titty sucking. Fingers her. BJ/handjob. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Nude. Screwing cowgirl riding, reverse cowgirl & clit solo, doggie position. Eats her. Anal side ways. A2M. Anal rev cowgirl. Open mouth facial. Lots. 9.00 4> Sweet & Sour. Chrissy & Rik Taylor. In kitchen. Touching her. Titty play. Topless. Titty sucking. Kiss. Nude. Eats her. Fingers her. BJ/handjob. Screwing cowgirl, leaning forward. P2M. Screwing reverse cowgirl, from behind her, on her back. He strokes off on her face. BJ clean up. 8.70 5> Kiss and Make up. Alissa & Claudio Meloni. On bed. Topless. BJ/handjob. Ball sucking. Kissing. Titty play. Eats her. Screwing on her back. Nude. Screwing side ways, reverse cowgirl. He strokes off on her face. BJ clean off. 8.70 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie Movie review is above. Movie is rated 8.86 Chapters Choices 1 to 10. No ID. Photo Gallery Extra. 3 mins 14 secs. Various sized pictures. FF does not work. Trailers Extra. North Pole #43 & #44. Deep Throat This #16 & #17. Maximum Thrust #1 & #2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Good action from all the ladies. DVD. Good picture quality and audio. Sexy Sandy on the boxcover. Some nice extras. 8.70 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 10/10/2003. Good ladies ID. Email Den ============================================================================