Gangbang Girl #35, The                  DVD

Ariana -vrs- Ashley & Audrey. You pick'em. Revised.                02/18/2004
Studio............Anabolic Video                                    XXX  Pro
                  P.O. Box 12456                                   Gang Bang
                  Marina de Rey      CA 90295     
Producer..........Christopher Alexander         
Director..........Christopher Alexander         
Points............ 8.85                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Ariana Jollee Jun 2003 Sexy brunette. Tattoo. ^ Ashley Long Apr 2002 UK. Tall hot blonde. ^ Audrey Hollander Feb 2004 Sexy busty redhead. E Lena Julliette Dec 2003 Mexican. Navel tattoo. ============================================================================ 1> Ariana. 21st birthday. Funny set-up as the 21 guys appear. BJs. Circle jerk BJs. Topless. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Face sitting. Dual BJ. Nude. Screwing & BJ doggie, rev cowgirl. Rims the guys. DP doggie position. Anal reverse cowgirl as she SQUIRTS. BJ clean off. DP reverse cowgirl. Anal & no hands BJ. DP doggie position & BJs. Ball sucking. A2M. Screwing upside down & guy reversed. Anal upside down. A2M. Rim jobs. A2M. Open mouth facials. Accumulates cum in mouth. Lots of cum. Gargles. Swallows. Cleans her eyes. More cumshots. Anal from Tony T. & then creampie. More anal. Anal creampie. Cum links out. Ariana licks it up. Screwing on her back & creampie. More open mouth facials. 62 mins. 9.20 2> Audrey & Lena & Ashley at farm. Anabolic scouts. Lena leaves. Gals get down. No hands BJs. Dual BJ. Topless. Back-to-back BJs. Deep throat. Screwing & BJs next to one another. Audrey DP reverse cowgirl & Ashley DP reverse cowgirl. Guys in line-up as the gals go down the line and rim them. Lena nude clit solo. DP & BJs. Lena giving handjobs. A2M. Anal & BJs. Anal & A2Ms. Dual BJ. Ashley creampie and it leaks out into Audrey's mouth. Open mouth facial. Gals kiss. Cum swap. Audrey open mouth facial. Cum swap. Faces side-by-side a la John Holmes facials. 9.20 ============================================================================ Play Movie review is above. Rates a very hot 9.20 Chapter Selection Bonus. Choices 1 or 2. Ladies name ID. Behind Scenes DVD xxx-tras. Extra. Ariana.....Pregame interview. :00 ? Postgame interview. 2:07 Ashley.....Pregame interview. 11:27 Ashley douches. & Audrey Postgame interview. 1:45 F..king 101. 8:33 Photo Gallery. Extra. 3 mins 10 secs. Various sized pictures. Cum Shot Re-cap. Extra. 25 mins. Just the $ shots. Rim Job Re-Cap. Extra. 6 mins 32 secs. Just the ass licking action. Anabolic Website. Page. Anabolic Audio Set Up Choices: Music On -or- Music Off. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie. Good hot action in both scenes. Ariana turns 21 with a bang! DVD. Much improved. Problem with a mix-up on the Menu. Should have been DVD Extras instead of saying Behind the Scenes. Problem with Ariana pregame interview. Would not play and you must physically press Open/Close button on DVD player to continue. Problem with back page of description. Does not contain, 'and even double anal abound!'. This review was revised based upon reading complaints on Adult DVD Talk. If Anabolic fixes the problems and re-releases, then the DVD would rate a legitimate 9.00. But, until then it will be a 8.50 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 10/07/2003. Email Den ============================================================================