Un-Natural Sex #11                      DVD

Special Director's Cut                                            02/18/2004
Studio............Diabolic Video Productions                        XXX  Pro
                  P.O. Box 12456                                    Boy/Girl
                  Marina Del Rey     CA 90295     
Producer..........Chico Wang Discharge          
Director..........Chico Wang                    
Points............ 7.50                 
================= Name ================== Debut     Notes ==================
Stars.............Ariana Jollee           Jun 2003  Sexy brunette. Tattoo. ^
                  Brittney Madison        Sep 2003  Blonde. Busty. Cute.   ^
                  Hollie Stevens          Apr 2003  Blonde. Cute * tattoo.
                  Jamie Brooks            Aug 2003  UK. Sexy blonde.      
                  Jynx                    Oct 2003  Brunette. Sexy.       
                  Maxine                  Feb 2004  Sexy blonde.          
                  Venus                   Feb 1999  Euro. Hot brunette.  E
1> Ariana. Interview. I think she is married to Chico Wang. Tony T &        
     & Jay Ashley. No hands BJs and deep throat. Spits on the camera.       
     Anal & BJ doggie position. Chokes her. A2M. Anal & clit solo. Rim      
     job, but camera missed it. DP reverse cowgirl. Double chokes her.      
     A2M. Ball sucking. Anal rev cowgirl. DP rev cowgirl. Double anal       
     rev cowgirl. '2 guys in my ass, I am so f..king lucky'. Slaps her      
     face & chokes her. A2M. Anal. Jay spits in her face. Anal cowgirl.     
     Double anal doggie position. A2M. Double anal doggie position.         
     A2M. Anal from behind. A2M. Anal side ways & chokes her. She rims      
     Tony with good close up. Puts her cap on. Open mouth facial. BJ        
     clean off & swallows. 2nd open mouth facial & swallows. 'Awesome'.     
     She plays with the cum and salutes good-bye.                       9.50
2> Maxine. Boise, ID. Interview about $10, $20 tricks & her pimp. Black     
     guy & 2 guys. Anal & BJs. DP & BJ rev cowgirl. A2M. Double anal        
     rev cowgirl. Double A2M. Screwing & BJ on her back. Double anal.       
     DP rev cowgirl, standing up holding her, doggie position. No hands     
     BJ. Gags. Anal & BJ. She rims Steve Holmes. Anal & BJ. A2M. Open       
     mouth facials.                                                     9.20
3> Venus. Interview. Gives her rates. Brian Surewood eats her. 2nd guy.     
     DP doggie position. A2M. Anal & BJ. A2M. Anal & BJ. DP doggie pos-     
     ition. Double vag doggie position. Anal as she rims guy. Double        
     anal rev cowgirl, doggie position. A2M. No hands BJ. Rims Jay          
     Ashley. Anal & BJ. Open mouth facial. Lots of cum. 'It was not         
     suppose to be a facial'. Chico says, 'I lied'. 2nd open mouth          
     facial. Swallows.                                                  9.40
4> Hollie. Interview. Tony T. Solo fingering. Finger double vag. Steve      
     Holmes. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Screwing & BJ reverse cowgirl,      
     side ways. She rims Steve. Double vag doggie position, reverse         
     cowgirl. Screwing & no hands BJ. Ball sucking. P2M. Ball sucking.      
     Open mouth facial. 2nd open mouth facial. Swallows.                9.00
5> Jamie. Interview. See-through mesh top. In room. Brian Surewood &        
     Joel Lawrence. Anal & no hands BJ cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. A2M.       
     DP doggie position. A2M. DP doggie position. Anal & BJ side ways,      
     doggie position. A2M. Anal & BJ. She rims Joel & then Brian. Guys      
     stroke off on her face. Lots of cum. BJ clean ups.                 9.20
6> Brittney. Topless. Interview. Talks about her breast reduction.          
     3 guys. BJ. Rims guy. Rim job & screwing on her back. Rims her.        
     Anal & no hands BJ on her back. Double vag & BJ briefly. DP & BJ       
     doggie, rev cowgirl. Double anal. A2M. Double A2M. Double vag &        
     BJ. DP rev cowgirl & BJ. Anal. Gape. Double anal. Open mouth
     facials. Gargles & then swallows. Cum bubbles.                     9.30
7> Jynx. Between each of the scenes we are treated to an extended
     interview with Jynx. It includes the donkey punch, blood, animal
     blood, red wings, gross stuff involving number 2 if you know what
     I mean. 'I am just a worthless piece of shit slut and everyone
     should remember that. If you tell me I LOVE YOU I will kick you
     in the dick. I am a f..k puppet'.
     On sofa. Interview. She has 2 ass-holes. Tony T. Spanks her. Anal
     cowgirl & chokes her. Anal on her back, spits on her face. Chokes
     her until her neck is red. Anal on her back. Chokes her & spits
     on her face. A2M. Spits in her face. Stuffs her head in corner of
     the sofa & anal from behind. Chokes her. Spanks her until her ass
     cheeks are red. Anal from behind her, side ways. Chokes herself.
     Slaps her face. Chokes her. Spits in her face. Anal rev cowgirl
     & double chokes her. Topless. Tony holds her head down on the
     sofa and strokes off on her face. Licks up the cum. Director
     yells 'Goth' to her and she hates it.                              8.80
Play Movie        Movie rating is above.
                    The sex portions of the movie is very hot
                    and rates an impressive                             9.20
Scene Selections  Choices 1 to 7.
                    Good ladies name ID
XXX-Tras          Photo Gallery. Extra.
                    25 various sized pictures.
                    Good number display on screen
                  Cumshot Recap. Extra.
                    Just the $ shots.
                    9 mins 10 secs.
                  Website Info.
                    Picture of Jynx anal in reverse cowgirl
                    position while being choked.
                    Company address.
                    Diabolic Video
                  Director's Cut. Extra
                    Over 3 hours long.
Notes:    Movie.   The sex action for this is very hot. The opening
                   scene with Ariana is one of the hottest that I
                   have seen in awhile and it made me re-consider
                   Ariana and to elevate her tp top ten status. She
                   is hot!
          DVD.     Good picture quality and audio. Sexy Jamie on the
                   boxcover still sporting her all natural and very
                   nice breasts in see-through mesh top. Smaller
                   pictures of all 7 ladies. The DVD with the few
                   extras and the extra length makes it a               8.80
Den's notes:   I do not know if they make two versions of this DVD,
                 a regular length movie of 2 hours and 20 mins and
                 this extended director's cut. The sex in this DVD
                 makes it a legimate 9.00 and a monthly top ten.
               Unforunately they add more that sex to this release.
                 The last scene should not have seen the light of
                 day. Very disturbing to watch and a complete sex
                 turn-off! And, the interviewing leading up to it
                 is beyond comprehension.
               The Ariana scene is very good, but I don't understand
                 how you can be so mean to a hot lady like her.
               I guess I have assumed the role now as the 'Senior'
                 reviewer in my sixties and wanting to just review
                 sex movies. You know, like in the good ole days
                 when sex movies were about sex and putting women
                 on pedestals instead of degrading them.
               If you like rough sex, it is a 9.00
                 If you like sex, it is a     6.00
                 Thus, it becomes a           7.50
Comments.....Production date: 11/19/2003.                          Email Den