Gina Lynn & Trinity at Hustler Hollywood

Fun times at Hustler store.                                       02/13/2004
Studio............Hustler Hollywood of Ohio                         R    Pro
                  1038 Lebanon St                                 TV/Web/Mag
                  Monroe             OH 45050     
Producer..........Dustin Flynt                  
Director..........Dustin Flynt                  
================= Name ================== Debut     Notes ==================
Stars.............Gina Lynn               Mar 2000  Cute blonde. Busty.  E
                  Trinity                 Jul 2003  Brunette. Sexy hot.  E
Another Hustler Hollywood in-store signing.                                 
      Trinity & Gina Lynn & Nikki Benz.                                     
Arrived at 6:25 and the place was packed. It is going to be a joint         
      venture with Live on The Dawn Patrol on 102.7 WEBN radio.             
Walked around the store and I am still impressed with how nice this         
      boutique really is. Hi class stuff. Spotted a very nice               
      Bettie Page shirt, but was a little to pricey for me. I was           
      amazed at how many Hustler DVD were in the store. Lots and            
      lots of Hustler product. They had sale DVDs for $19.95. Most          
      of the new releases were $49.95.                                      
World Class Adult Reviews           
      DL and Jeni arrived and we had a great time talking about             
      the AEE 2004 convention in Las Vegas and the fabulous party           
      that ADT had.               
      They shared some pictures from the party with me and all I            
      can say is Julie Night sure got things started off right!             
7:15 Dustin Flynt announced they had arrived and signing started.           
        Autographs were free.                                               
        Poloroids free with purchase of DVD -or- $20.00                     
     The line was very long and they wanted it to move quickly, so          
        I didn't get a chance to really talk to the gals.                   
     Trinity is a hot looking brunette and very thin. She seemed            
        to be very shy.                                                     
     Gina is really into it and busty as hell and it was hard to            
        to notice that they were spilling out of her top. Her               
        husband did not make the trip.                                      
     Nikki did not make the trip.                                           
     Talked with PL and Jenni and then headed home at 8:00pm.               
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