Out Numbered #02                        DVD

Director's Edition.                                               02/10/2004
Studio............Red Light District                                XXX  Pro
                  21018 Osborne St                                  Boy/Girl
                  Canoga Park        CA 91303     
Producer..........Erik Everhard Entertainment   
Director..........Erik Everhard                 
Videographer......Mike John/Jimmy Scaffnett     
Top 10 Points..... 9.00                 
================= Name ================== Debut     Notes ==================
Stars.............Adrienn (Vkrainian)     Mar 2002  Cute blonde.          
                  Isabell                 Feb 2004  Euro. Sexy honeyblonde
                  Jane Darling            Jul 2002  Euro. Busty. Hot. Sexy ^
                  Jessica Flame           Dec 1997  Private actress       
                  Julia De Brava          Oct 2002  Honey blonde. Cute.   
                  Julie Silver            Aug 2002  Hot kinky blonde.     
                  Karma                   Jun 1999  Euro. Busty brunette. 
                  Krystal DeBoor          Oct 1999  Euro. Busty. Sexy. Hot
                  Lenny Powers            Sep 2003  Euro. Sexy brunette.  
                  Liliane                 Aug 2003  Czech Brunette Tattoo 
                  Lucy Lee                Dec 2002  Prague. Cute brunette.
                  Mira (Budapest)         Oct 2003  Sexy brunette.        
                  Naomi (Redhead)         Mar 2000  Cute redhead. Tattoo's
                  Sandra Romain           May 2003  Euro. Sexy brunette.  
                  Stacy Silver            Dec 2001  Euro. Blonde. Tattoo E
1> Jane opens movie. Talks to camera. Dances. Topless. Clit solo. Erik      
     plays with her. BJ. 6 gals join. BJ from all. Robert Rosenberg         
     joins. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Steve Holmes joins. Les eating.       
     Screwing in many positions with alot of switching around. Anal         
     for Jessica. DP for Jessica. P2M. Clit solo. Anal. Rimjobs. Anal.      
     A2M. DP. Jane anal. A2M. Lucy anal. Jane A2M. Sandra DP standing       
     up holding her. Jane DP. Stack'em up screwing & DP. Double anal.       
     Anal. A2M. Line-up anals. Sandra open mouth facials.               9.20
       Note: This group is on the boxcover.                                 
2> Mira in hot black sexy outfit. Poses/teases. Solo. Erik plays with       
     her. BJ/handjob. Joins 6 more gals. BJs from all. Group BJ.            
     Steve & Robert join. Screwing. Les play. Clit solo. Screwing.          
     P2M. Anal. DP. Anal. Stack'em up screwing. Anal. DP. Anal. A2M.        
     Mira open mouth facial. DP. Les eating. Double anal. 3 DPs in a        
     row. Open mouth facials. Gals kiss.                                9.20
3> Liliane. In room. Sexy outfit. Teases. Erik touches her. Clit solo.      
     BJ/handjob. 5 gals join. BJs from all. Steve Holmes. BJs. Les 69       
     & screwing gal on top. Robert Rosenberg. Screwing. No hands BJ.        
     Screwing. Anal. A2M. DP. Double anal. A2M. Double anal. DP. A2M.       
     DP. Rim job. Anal. DP standing up. BJs. DP. Facials.               9.20
Play Movie         Movie review above. Movie rates monthly top ten      9.20
Scene Selection    Choices 1 to 3. Scene number ID.                         
Special Features   Behind Scenes. Extra. 23 mins 8 secs.                    
                     Guy talks to camera. Mike John talks to camera.        
                     Jane getting ready. Karma talks to camera. Mike        
                     John eating sandwich. Jessica getting ready.           
                     Sexy blonde make-up lady. Gals pose for boxcover.      
                     Some hardcore action. Some goofing off. Posing         
                     for the line up. Mike John looking. Make-up            
                     gal taking a break. Mike John goofiness. Gals          
                     pose for still pictures, some not from this            
                     movie. (Brunette with nipple rings).                   
                   Cum Fiesta. Extra. 4 mins 13 secs.                       
                     Just the $ shots.                                      
                   Photo Gallery. Extra. 2 mins 36 secs.                    
                     Various sized pictures.                                
Notes:  Movie.  Very hot movie with 3 scenes. I liked scene 1 the           
                best, but all 3 were good.                                  
        DVD.    Good picture & audio quality. But, not much in extras.  8.80
Comments.....Production date: 09/20/2003. Good ladies ID.          Email Den