Killer Pussy #17                        DVD

Another one from Nacho.                                           02/10/2004
Studio............Digital Sin DVD                                   XXX  Pro
                  21345 Lassen St. Suite 100                        Boy/Girl
                  Chatsworth         CA 91311     
Producer..........New Sensations                
Director..........Nacho Vidal                   
Videographer......Van Editnaught                
Points............ 8.76                 
================= Name ================== Debut     Notes ==================
Stars.............Janet (Euro)            Nov 2002  Brunette. Arm tattoo. 
                  Julie Silver            Aug 2002  Hot kinky blonde.     
                  Orueia                  Feb 2004  Euro. Redhead. Slim.  
                  Sarah Blue              Jun 2003  Euro. Sexy honeyblonde
                  Vanessa (Brunette)      Jun 2003  Budapest. Brunette.   
                  Viktorie                May 2003  Euro. Blonde. Tattoo. 
                  Vivienne LaRoche        Oct 2000  Euro. Sexy redhead.   
Nacho opens movie by forgetting the number of this release, 'check on       
      the boxcover' and introduces his 'faggot friends' & flipper.          
1> Janet & Viktorie. Outdoors. Ride flipper. Bald Nacho & Denis Marti       
     & Jose Play. Topless. BJs. Screwing. No hands BJ. Dual BJ. Janet       
     anal & les eating. Viktorie A2M. Janet DP. Stroking using feet.        
     Screwing. Viktorie open mouth facial from Nacho. Gals kiss.        9.10
2> Sarah. Smoking. Topless. Clit solo. Smokey BJ. Nacho & Denis. Dual       
     BJ. Nude. Screwing & BJ in front of large window. White outs.          
     Screwing Denis. Fingers her ass. Anal from behind her, rev cowgirl.    
     Open mouth facial from Denis.                                      8.90
3> Oruela & Denis & Jose. Outdoors. Nude. Touching. BJ for each. Screw-     
     ing & BJ from behind her, on her back. Screwing doggie position        
     from Jose until he pulls out and cums on her ass.                  8.60
4> Vanessa & Nacho. Outdoors. Undresses her. Eats her. Dark footage on      
     close ups. Topless. Titty sucking. Nude. BJ/handjob. No hands BJ.      
     Screwing from behind, standing up, reverse cowgirl, on her back,       
     side ways. Anal side ways. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off.        8.30
     Note: Cast list at end of movie has scenes 2 & 3 reversed.             
           Nacho says this is the end of this series.                       
Play               Movie review is above.                                   
                     Movie rates a                                      8.72
Chapter Index      Choices 1 to 8.                                          
                     No ID.                                                 
Bonus Material     Bonus Scene. Extra. 33 mins.                             
                     Harder Faster               
                     Vivienne & Julie & 5 guys. Scene 4.                    
                   Trailers. Extra.                                         
                     09/13/2003 trailers.                                   
                   Gallery. Extra.                                          
                     17 various sized pictures.                             
                   Company Info.                                            
                     Red tint picture with company address.                 
                   Web Trailer.                                             
                     11/07/01. New Sensations trailer.                      
Notes:  Movie.  Another release from Nacho. Sexy Euro gals.                 
                End of this series.                                         
        DVD.    Okay picture quality with some white outs. Good             
                audio. Sexy boxcover.                                   8.80
Comments.....Production date: 04/27/2003. Good ladies ID.          Email Den