Exchange Student, The                   DVD
Quotes............Michelle is a real cute all natural brunette!     

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Fujiko Kano Jan 2002 Japan. Cute. Busty. E Michelle Lay Jul 2002 Brunette. Insane ass! DVD Extras........Nicole Sheridan ============================================================================ Studio............Club Reno Productions 7246 Eton Ave. Suite E Canoga Park CA 91303 Producer..........Reno Director..........MX Minutes...........52 Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Amateur Girl/Girl Review Date.......11/30/2003 Points............ 8.80 ============================================================================ Cute story line of Michelle interviewing Fujiko for a job. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- In room on sofa. Fujiko fills out appliction. School dress, pigtails and wearing glasses. Fujiko massages topless Michelle. Michelle removes the glasses, massages a topless Fujiko. Kissing. Titty sucking by each. Titty play. Kissing. In bedroom on bed. Kissing. Titty sucking. Michelle removes Fujiko's panties and eats her, fingers her, eats her, 2 fingers her. Kiss. Fujiko titty sucks. Michelle removes her panties. Fujiko works her way down Michelle's body and then eats her, fingers her, 2 fingers & eats her at the same time. Fujiko sits on Michelle's chest and 2 fingers her as she also worships Michelle's feet. Fujiko on her back as Michelle inserts beads dildo into her. Michelle uses the beads as she eats her at the same time. Fujiko tastes the beads. Michelle fingers & eats Fujiko. Kissing. Michelle face sits on Fujiko. 69 Michelle on top. Kissing. Fujiko leaves. (Michelle & Fujiko = 38 mins). Michelle on sofa. Nude. Clit solo. 2 fingers solo. White dildo solo with good in and out action. Dildo solo & playing with her clit at the same time. Tastes dildo. More dildo in & out fun. 2 fingers solo. Dildo in & out from underneath, in the doggie position. Anal solo fingering. Dildo solo from underneath with her facing the camera. Clit solo. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie Movie review is above. Fujiko and Michelle in good les action. Chapter Selects Choices: Phone Conversation The Interview Shiatsu Massage In the Bedroom Sayonara Fujiko Michekke Solo Masturbation Featurette Fujiko Boob Job. Fujiko in bed. She got a boobjob. 'I become a Big Mountain Fuji'. 5 days ago. Big white bra. Gives a sneak peek. Not heeled and stickes still in. 34DDD. 2 mins 4 secs. on bottom of screen. Behind Scenes. Michelle & Fujiko & Nicole Sheridan. In bedroom on bed. Poses for still pictures. Hardcore les action. 1 min 40 secs. Story of Michelle Lay. Text pages that gives you background on this Michigan native. Stats: Height 5'6" Weight 115 Vitals 34B/24/34 Film Credits: Naughty Pink Jill Kelly Productions Dumb Blonde Vivid Video Lost and Found Wicked Pictures History of Fetish Vivid Video Michelle Photo Gallery. Full sized pictures. 59 secs. Story of Fujiko Kano. Text pages that give her background information. Film Credits. Too many to list. Fujiko Photo Gallery. Full sized pictures. 59 secs. On the Web Michelle Lay Fujiko Club Reno Dreamrick Digital ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 11/01/2002. Email Den ============================================================================