Golden Girls #03 (The Pee Collector)    DVD
Quotes............Golden showers move with no golden showers on DVD 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Daniella Schiffer Jul 2002 Euro. Honey blonde. Laura Lion Jun 2001 French. Busty brunette Valentina Valli / Lenka Jun 2002 Natalie Ross / Natalka Venus (Prague) Aug 2002 Prague. Busty blonde E ============================================================================ Studio............H2 Video 8484 Wilshire Blvd Suite 900 Beverly Hills CA 90211 Producer..........Hero Bosch Director..........Frank Thring Supplied By.......LFP Video Minutes...........105 Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Pro Boy/Girl Review Date.......11/10/2003 Points............ 8.28 ============================================================================ Start Movie Movie reviewed on 09/28/2003 and rated a 7.66 Read movie review Chapter Index Extra. Pick type of sex for: Daniella Valentina Sara Kelly Teresa & Venus Maria Extra Features Slideshow. Extra. 1 min 36 secs. Full sized pictures. Behind Scenes. Extra. Frank Thring interviewed by Zora Banx. 2 versions made (Euro & US). Idea is a thriller with girls peeing. Started with Playboy cable & then went to Private and now with Hustler. Has done 400 movies. Loves the travel, beautiful gals, Hungarians & Czechs. Hard to get the gals to pee on camera. Likes the ark of the pee. Doesn't like to degrade women. He has tried receiving female pee. Not his thing. He has never peed on a female. The most erotic thing in sex to him is clothing, foreplay, tease & games. (Oops, he should have said, 'Zora Banx'). He likes to help the ladies adjust their clothing. Mentions his other series. 15 mins. Frank behind the scenes shooting in Manila. Guy does cock tricks. They are in Prague. Sexy blonde nude with long nipples. In the Inferno room with dark 'creepy' look. Blonde in hardcore anal 3some action. Zora calls the guy, 'A real pervert'. Claudio Meloni moons. Couple screwing on sofa. Frank clowns around. Couple in anal reverse cowgirl action & then DP action. Guy plays with his foreskin. Frank taking shower. Guy drinks a lighted drink & then Frank drinks it. Zora smiles into the camera. Frank has a '' t-shirt on. Silliness. Couple sharing glass of wine. Couple screwing. She takes a facial. 3 gals outdoors, running, teases. Brief les eating. Bad guy wearing mask. Brunette laughing. Frank talks to camera. Brunette joins & kisses Frank. Total of 49 mins and 32 secs. Trailer. Extra. Leg Affair Golden Girls Superf..kers 21 Inside My Panties Superf..kers 22 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DVD notes: Good picture quality and good audio. Sexy boxcover. Long behind the scenes with the first part being very good and the last part based upon an inside joke that went over my head and was kinda silly. But, the major problem with this series is the fact that it is a story about girls peeing and in the US version they don't show the peeing. As Frank said in the behind the scenes, the Euro version is 'harder' and works. The US version doesn't work. 8.90 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: June 2003. DVD date: Nov 2003. Email Den ============================================================================