Rocco: Animal Trainer #13               DVD
Quotes............He Saw! He Came! He Conquered!                    

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Bettina (Euro) Sep 2003 Euro. Sexy honeyblonde Kety Keite Aug 2000 Poland. Sexy brunette. Krista (Euro) Sep 2003 Euro. Sexy redhead. Myli Mar 2002 Hungary. Tall blonde. Tolly Crystal Jul 2002 Asian. Cute. Viki Jul 1998 Euro. Hot brunette. ============================================================================ Studio............Evil Angel Video Email 14141 Covello St. Unit #8-C Van Nuys CA 91405 Producer..........Rocco Siffredi Productions Director..........Rocco Siffredi Notice............Choking Minutes...........139 Quality...........Fair Category..........XXX Pro Boy/Girl Review Date.......09/25/2003 Points............ 8.80 ============================================================================ 1> Tolly & Myli. PCV fetish outfits. Black duct tape. Inflatuable ball gag. Tolly eats Myli. Dark footage at times. Rocco joins. Screwing Myli. Shooting in front of windows. BJ. Rims Rocco. Les rim job. Anal dildo for Myli. Anal for Myli. Tolly A2M. Screwing. Myli anal. A2M. Screwing. Myli upside down anal. A2M. Tolly facial. Group of 10-12 guys replace Rocco. Circle jerk BJs. Open mouth facials. 8.50 2> Bettina. Outdoors. Nacho. BJ. Krista joins. Kissing. Very dark at times. Indoors. BJ. No hands BJ. Fingering. Krista squirts. Screw- ing each. Screwing & les eating. Chokes Bettina. Anal. Slaps Bettina's face. Krista anal. A2M. Krista open mouth facial. 8.50 3> Kety talks to Rocco. Viki & Hacan Serbes. In room. Topless. Titty play. Kety tied up in closet, crawls and drinks water from cup like a cat. Titty play. Kety eats nude Viki. Eating. Fingering. BJ. Electric vibrating eggs with clips on Kety's labia lips & screwing her on her back. P2M. Anal probe for Kety. Screwing up- side down, BJ. Glass dildo play for Viki. No hands BJ. Kety anal from Rocco. Gape. Viki screwing & BJ. Kety rims Hacan. Viki anal from Rocco. Viki open mouth facial. Glass anal dildo play for Viki. Viki anal. Kety A2M. Facial. 9.10 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review is above. Movie rates a 8.70 Chapter Menu Choices 1 to 12. Ladies name ID. Fetish Menu Extra. Pussing Licking/Rimming (1), BJs (5), Anal (6) & Cumshots (5). Special Features Extra Footage. Extra. Kety & Viki in hardcore action. BJs. Anal. Glass dildo anal play. Screwing. Anal. A2M. Screwing. Bettina & Krista & Nascho outdoors in hardcore action. Choking. Indoors. Krista wipes. Nacho strokes himself. Screwing. 28 mins 42 secs. Photo Gallery. Extra. 39 various sized pictures. Filmographies. Extra. Black Tolly, Myli, Viki & Kety. Biography of Rocco. 10 pages of text. Cast List by Scene. Extra. Stars listed by scene. Websites. Evil Angels & Rocco's URLs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Movie's 1st 2 scenes had alot of darkness and some shooting in front of large windoes that resulted in only fair picture quality. DVD has nice extras. 8.90 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 08/23/2003. Good ladies ID. Email Den ============================================================================