Ginger Lynn Show (2003/09/22)

Quotes............Ginger Lynn & Christy Canyon together again.      

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Christy Canyon Jan 1985 Hot Hall of Famer! ^ Ginger Lynn Jan 1984 Cute Hall of Famer! ^ Stacy Struts Sep 2003 KSEX co-host. ============================================================================ Studio............KSEX Radio Minutes...........55 Quality...........Good Category..........R Pro TV/Web/Mag Review Date.......09/22/2003 ============================================================================ A very fun and interesting web radio show that stars Ginger Lynn and her co-host Stacy Struts. Christy Canyon was the guest and it sure was nice to hear both of the superstars together on 1 show. Christy was on the show to promote her new book, 'Lights, Camera & Sex'. They played a game of Christy vrs Stacy. Some of the questions: CC started in business Sept 1984 and retired April 1985. CC had a hairy bush, now has a combo bush. CC & Ginger's 1st movie: Nights of Loving Dangerously. CC 1st girl to lick her pussy was Ginger. CC 1st guy was Ron Jeremy. CC number of movies: 65-70. Ginger has done 76. CC dated Max Baer of Beverly Hillbilly's fame. CC hates Ron Jeremy. CC breasts are 'real nice'. CC did the Lynn's (Ginger & Amber). CC masturbates 3-4 days a week. CC is married. CC lives on same street she was raised, 6 houses down. CC says Greg Rome discovered her. CC comeback was in 1989 CC is in love with Ginger Lynn. CC dispises Traci Lords. Commercial Break. Wonder Woman arrives and it got a little hard to follow on radio, but I am sure if you are a subscriber to the web cam it would have been very funny. Wonder Woman is really a guy and he ends up getting private parts shaved. Wonder Woman & Ginger tell interesting story of when Ginger was in Florida dancing and met some guys from a 'Party with a Porn Star' website. They took 4 guys to the room and Ginger ended up peeing in a guy's mouth. (Ginger tells the story much better than I can write it). CC leaves with, 'Ginger was the first girl I ever kissed her pussy and Ginger is now the last girl that I have kissed her pussy'. (Wish I had the web camera). Ginger & CC's rankings ============================================================================ Comments.....Live web radio show: Monday 8:00 PM Eastern. Email Den ============================================================================