Evil Pink                               DVD
Quotes............Scene 7 (Avy & Bella) is super hot!               

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Angel Eyes Apr 2003 Black. Cute. Sexy. Avy Scott Feb 2002 2002 Rog's Best Newbie ^ Bella Donna May 2000 Hot! Really into it! Cytherea Aug 2003 Streaked hair. Sexy. Michelle Lay Jul 2002 Hot web brunette. Vandalia May 2003 Busty brunette. Tattoo Velvet Rose Aug 2002 Sexy. Hair! Tit rings. ============================================================================ Studio............Evil Angel Video Email 14141 Covello St. Unit #8-C Van Nuys CA 91405 Director..........Bella Donna Notice............No Stars ID Minutes...........156 Quality...........Good Videographer......Johnny Darko/Chris Streams Category..........XXX Pro Girl/Girl Review Date.......09/09/2003 Points............ 8.90 ============================================================================ 1> Avy. Topless. Smoking. Buttplug with tail solo. Short haired Bella. Kiss. Titty play. Titty sucking. Avy rims Bella, eats her, fingers her, eats her. 8.80 2> Cytherea & Bella. Outdoors. Kissing. Touching. Topless. Tit sucking. Bella rims her, Clit play. On blanket. Bella eats her, rims her. Kiss. Titty sucking. Glass dildo for Cytherea. Cytherea SQUIRTS on Bella. Bella eats her. Large glass anally for Bella & dildo solo. 9.00 3> Angle. Sexy outfit. Poses/teases. Bella joins. Kiss. Bella eats her, rims her, plays with her clit, eats her, fingers her. 8.80 4> Velvet & Michelle. Walking around. Poses/teases. Kiss. Outdoors. Topless. Titty play. Michelle eats Velvet, rims her. On chair. Velvet plays with her. Popsicle BJ. Michelle eats Velvet, rims her. Velvet eats Michelle. Bella hoses Michelle off. Velvet rubs on Michelle's thigh. Titty sucking. Dildo for Michelle as Bella plays with her clit. Glass ribbed dildo anally 4 Velvet. Michelle anal buttplug, anal beads on dildo & dildo in vag. 9.00 5> Angel & Avy (smoking). In room. Kiss. Bella smoking. Avy 2 fingers Angel as Bella glass dildo's Avy's ass. Dildo for Angel. 8.90 6> Vandalia. Dancing. Anal solo fingering. Bella rims her, eats her. 8.70 7> Avy & Bella (old hair). Kiss. Titty sucking. Bella rims Avy, fing- ers her ass. Ribbed glass dildo used anally on Avy. Avy solo using glass ribbed dildo. Sharing dildo. Thick black buttplug BJ & then used anally on Bella. Butt wink. Anal glass dildo for Avy on her back & glass dildo solo for a toy Avy DP! Avy licks honey off Bella. Avy uses dildo anally on Bella & then toy DP. 9.20 8> Avy & Angel & Bella & Vandalia. In room. Touching. Anal dildo for Avy on her back. Glass anal dildo play. Side-by-side anal dildo fun. Vandalia anal dildo play. Vandalia anal & Avy share dildo. Vandalia dildo DP. 9.10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie Movie review is above. The 7 scenes with Bella in her hot new tomboy crewcut hair do are not quite as 'Hot' as you would expect from Bella. And, the picture quality and lighting is slightly below the normal standards you would expect from an Evil Angel release. The 7th scene is good picture quality and is super hot!. Not sure when scene 7 was shot because it is the only scene that Bella does not have her new short hair style. Rating the scenes ends up a 8.94 and I will adjust the rating for the not quite up to par and give it a 8.80 Chapter Menu Choices 1 18. Good Stars names ID. Multiple stops per chapter. Fetish Menu Extra. Tease 3 choices. Kissing 4 choices. Pussy Licking/Rimming 6 choices. Squirting 2 choices. Toys 7 choices. Fingers 2 choices. Special Features Extra Footage. Extra. Bella & Avy in room. Bella vacuuming floor. Hot black fetish body suit. Vandalia & Angel in the room. Bella talks about the scene to them. Bella & Cytherea outdoors in action. Velvet & Michelle outdoors. Bella (long dark hair) anal thick dildo squat solo, side ways solo. Avy checks Bella out. Avy poses with anal butt plug inside. Avy anal butt plug solo. Both Avy & Bella are doing anal dildo solo. Avy glass ribbed dildo anal solo & then Avy adds a glass dildo in pussy for a toy DP! 14 mins 57 secs. Photo Gallery. Extra. 68 various sized picture. Picture counter does not display. Filmographies. Extra. Bella Avy Velvet Cast List by Scene. Extra. Lists the Stars of each scene. Websites. Bella Evil Angel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Picture quality and lighting varies from scene to scene and within a scene. Good audio. Bella & Avy & Angel Eyes on the boxcover. 9.00 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 06/26/2003. Cast ID list. Email Den ============================================================================