Kelly the Coed #15                      DVD
Quotes............Pi Pi Girls Rule!                                 

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Alexis Malone Oct 2001 Honey blonde. Slim. Crystal Ray Mar 2003 Sexy blonde. ^ Gen Padova Jul 2002 Cute brunette. Julie Night Jun 2002 Hot sexy honeyblonde. ^ Lyla Lei Jan 2003 Asian. Sexy. Tattoo. ============================================================================ Studio............Heatwave DVD 7650 Gloria Ave Van Nuys CA 91406 Producer..........Gabor Esterhazy Director..........Jim Powers Minutes...........118 Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Pro Boy/Girl Review Date.......08/29/2003 Points............ 8.64 ============================================================================ 1> Crystal. Beer bomb. Teases. Rick Masters & Scott Lyons. No hands BJ. Nude. Dual BJ. Screwing & BJ rev cowgirl, from behind her. DP doggy position. A2M. DP rev cowgirl. Anal doggy. A2M. Open mouth facial. 9.10 2> Lyla & Jay Ashley. No hands BJ. Johnny Thrust. BJ for each. Screwing & BJ from behind her. P2A. Anal & BJ. DP rev cowgirl. Anal upside down & BJ. Cookie baster with beer. BJ. Screwing. Anal. A2P. DP doggy. 2 open mouth facials. Beer chaser. 9.10 3> Crystal in front of 30+ guys. Strips nude. Dave Hardman. Alex Rox. No hands BJ. Neither guy gets wood & scene just ends. 6.00 4> Gen & Robbie James. Outdoors. Dave Hardman joins. No hands BJ. Eats her. Topless. Titty sucking. Dual BJ. Screwing & BJ doggie. Nude. Anal rev cowgirl. DP rev cowgirl. Anal doggie. A2M. Anal side ways. Open mouth facial. 2nd open mouth facial. 9.10 5> Julie & Alex Rox & Buck Adams. On sofa. No hands BJ for each. Screw- ing & BJ from behind her. Anal & BJ doggie position, rev cowgirl. Anal upside down. A2M. 2 open mouth facials. Lots of cum. 9.10 6> Crystal & Jay Ashley. On sofa. Topless. Titty sucking. Alexis. No hands BJ from each. Screwing Alexis. Crystal P2M. Screwing & les eating. Crystal anal rev cowgirl & clit solo. A2M. Alexis strap-on dildo's Crystal. Crystal DP doggie, rev cowgirl. Dual facial. 9.10 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie review above and rated a 8.58 Chapters Choices 1 to 6. No title ID. Behind Scenes Extra. 22 mins 49 secs. Crystal goofubg off. Jim Powers directing her. Crystal poses with the bunch of frat guys. Jim gives them their lines. Lyla gets more beer. Jim taking a break & talking about Mila & her wild exploits. Mila left the brothel & got married. Gen talks to camera, clit solo. Alexis talks to camera, solo fingering. Julie talks to camera, clit solo, 2 fingers solo. Crystal talks to camera. Photo Gallery Extra. 2 mins 59 secs. Various sized pictures. DVD ROM Bonus For computer DVD users. She's a Brick House. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: Hot action from all. The Blow Job contest scene just didn't work because they didn't get wood. 8.70 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 06/2003. Good ladies ID. Email Den ============================================================================