Nightline: In the Extreme

Quotes............Rob Black & Lizzy Borden and Ted Koppel           

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Lizzy Borden Oct 1998 Cute blonde. ============================================================================ Studio............ABC Television Minutes...........30 Quality...........Good Category..........R Pro TV/Web/Mag Review Date.......08/27/2003 ============================================================================ A real good informative broadcast that actually made me change my opinion of Rob Black. Extreme Associates has made some of the worst movies ever. It was a pleasure for me to have them take me off their screener's list. They ruined quite a few gals careers and they are generally considered the worst company in the adult business. They would do things to cause problems just to cause problems. If there was ever anybody I would like to see 'get his', it would be Rob Black. Extreme's movies are the worst of the worst and have even won awards as the worst of the year. At various conventions, I have had my problems with Rob, Lizzy and even Tom Byron. (At ECVS a few years ago I presented Jewel De'Nyle her CAVR throphy as she signed next to Tom Byron for Extreme and I told her to quit Extreme because they were ruining her career and Mr. Bryon was not too kind to me). So, the point is, I have the most negative feelings for Rob Black and I think the Extreme movies are the worst thing that has ever happened to the adult industry. I was on the Adult DVD Talk chat last night and it was mentioned that this show would be on tonight. This is a very important obscenity case! No matter what you think of Rob and Extreme. Ted Koppel did a very fair and balanced interview and actually made the US attorney guy looking really silly when he could not even answer the basic question of why the prosecution? Rob made a good point that just because a person doesn't like his stuff he still has the right to make it. He pointed out some direct comparisons of his 'roughness' with some well known and award winning movies with the same 'roughness'. And, if those movies had a value, why didn't his movies. The broadcast showed both the outrageous Rob Black and the thought provocative Rob Black. The US attorney's made a point of saying that this was the first of many legal actions to be taken. Rob talked about the PBS special where he in effect taunted the goverment to come and get him. And, the US attorney said that was part of the reason they selected Extreme to be the first. Ted Koppel made the observation that it was probably because Extreme was a very small company with limited resources. As much as I dislike Rob Black, I hope he wins! Since the TV show, Rob Black has set up a defense fund: Extreme Associates Legal Defense Fund 16032 Sherman Way #6 Van Nuys, CA 91406 Make check payable to: Extreme Associates LDF ============================================================================ Comments.....Wednesday night: 11:30PM. 08/27/2003. Email Den ============================================================================