Gang Bangs #01 DVD

================================================================= 08/11/2003
Quotes............Janet's 36th Birthday Bang.

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Janet Mason Aug 2000 Amateur. Hot redhead! ============================================================================ Studio............Janet Mason Email Producer..........Steve & Janet Mason Director..........Steve & Janet Mason Minutes...........87 Quality...........Very Good Category..........XXX Amateur Interracial Top 10 Points..... 9.00 ============================================================================ Janet Mason is a Devoted Wife, PTA Mom & Hardcore Swinger. She is a hot looking redhead, mid 30's, slim & trim with great body. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Janet sitting putting on her make-up in a white robe with her red hair up. Talks to hubby about her upcoming event. In bedroom. Drops the robe and is completely nude. Looking great. Hairy bush on top. Nice tan lines. On bed. Fingers herself. Janet has her fingernails done, chain around her waist, large lopped ear rings, rings on each finger, toenails done, a smile on her face and is looking GREAT! Janet is on sofa with her 3 friends and is one hot looking momma. Sexy dress. Janet poses for the guys and does her trademark sexy laughing giggling that is an absolute turn-on. Strips to her peach panties & bra as she goes real slow and teases the well out of them. You know what I mean, lower the bra straps first, cup the breasts from underneath, turn back to guys, unsnap the bra strap, tease, turn facing the guys with her hands underneath the barely covering bra and then dropping bra and showing off those beauties. Looking good. Janet puts leg up on a table and gives the guys a peek of her all natural red haired bush. Janet removes her panities. 'Perfect'. Janet on the bed on all 4's as she poses her booty and spreads and shows the pink. DFW gets a no hands BJ with Janet in doggy position and then the other 2 join as they get down to business. One guy is eating Janet as she gives no hands BJ and strokes another guy. No hands BJ as Janet smiles to the camera. Janet strokes 2 guys at the same time. Janet is sitting on one guy's face as she kisses another guy. Screwing & BJ in doggy position as 3rd guy plays with her hair. Screwing & BJ on her back with her legs spread wide. Ball sucking. Screwing on her belly as the guys take turns and give her some real heavy duty power stroking. Finally they stop and Janet gives a real 'Wow' look on her face. Guys finger her ass. BJ for one guy as another gets behind her and eats her out in the doggy position and then he climbs on board for some screwing from behind. Good close ups of the in and out action. Deep stroking. Screwing one and kissing another. Janet talks dirty and encourages the give to give it to her. Screwing cowgirl riding as Janet gets into riding on that big thing. Screwing reverse cowgirl as she rides up and down. 'Can you take 2 cocks in your pussy? - I can try'. Screwing reverse cowgirl as Janet leans back on him and we get a real good view on the in and out action. 2nd guy joins and Janet does a double vag! 'It is tight'. Janet in doggy position as guy slowly inserts himself into her ass briefly. Screwing cow- girl riding with good close ups & then guy joins for a BJ at the same time. Screwing cowgirl riding as they both really get into it. Janet twirls around and they continue in the reverse cowgirl position and as Janet leans back a 2nd guy joins and they do some more double vag briefly. Janet fixes her hair. 69 Janet on top. Screwing reverse cowgirl as she works out real good. Double vag reverse cowgirl as they all 3 work it out and get it on. Screwing on her back. Screwing & BJ in doggy position and they end up almost screwing Janet into the headboard. Screwing on her back with some deep stroking. Eats her. Screwing & BJ on her belly. Janet's hair is now down. Guy cums inside Janet and the cum leaks out and Janet licks it up off the sheets. Screwing & BJ in doggy position. Screwing Janet on her belly. Next. Screwing Janet on her belly, on her back, cowgirl riding, on her belly. Screwing & BJ on her belly until guy pulls out and cums all over her back. 2 handed BJ. Screw- ing on her back. 3-on-1 action including sucking her toes, screwing and BJ. Screwing on her back and dual BJs. Guys rotate. Screwing & handjobs on her back. Janet climbs on top for some cowgirl riding action. 'I can f..k this pussy all night'. Good close ups. Screwing & BJ cowgirl riding until guy cums inside for another cream pie finish. She squeezes it out. Titty play. Janet giggles. Sloppy 2nds as guy starts screwing her in doggy position with balls slapping against Janet. Screwing & BJ in doggy position. Screwing on her back. 'Gimme some of that cock'. Screwing on her back with some real good power stroking. BJ. Screwing & BJ in doggy position. Anal & BJ in doggy position. 'Oh my god'. DP doggy position briefly. BJ. Anal & BJ in doggy position. Anal doggy position as she gives each of the guys BJs. Guy strokes himself and then Janet takes it on her face and in her mouth while Janet is still doing anal. Janet rolls off and lays on her back. 'Is this a dream'. Super close up of Janet's a-hole. Oops. Farts. Janet nude on bed with all 3 guys around her and they all talk about all the 1st's in this video. Viva Las Vegas. 1 hour 26 mins 11 secs. ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie reviewed on 08/11/2003 and rated a 9.20 Basic scene 8.50 .10+ Interracial .10+ 3+ people .10+ No hands BJ .10+ Cream pie .10+ Double Vag .10+ Solo .10+ Anal Chapters Choices 1 to 6. Scene number ID. Bonus Gallery Photo Gallery. Music On / Music Off Full sized pictures. 2 mins 49 secs. Previews Black Cock Business Lunch JV-035 2 mins 21 secs Black Cock Quickies JV-036 2 mins 8 secs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DVD notes: Movie is a real hot one that rates an impressive 9.20 and shows Janet really getting down. DVD has some nice extras and is well put together and rates a 8.80 ============================================================================ 'This gang-bang... my first ever... was a present for my 36th birthday in April of 2003. It is the beginning of what Steve and I hope to be a long series of annual birthday gang-bangs... Hopefully, with even more guys next time. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed doing it!' xx00~ Janet A Joint Production of Janet Mason and DFW Knight Co-Stars: Kendall Vince Wil 'DFW' Knight ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 04/25/2003. 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