Outdoor Whores #03 DVD

================================================================= 08/10/2003
Quotes............Vanessa UK                                        

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Vanessa (SAH) Jan 2002 Amateur. Hot redhead. ============================================================================ Studio............Shot at Home Email P.O. Box 519 Sanbornville NH 03872 Minutes...........62 Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Amateur Boy/Girl Points............ 8.75 ============================================================================ 1> Vanessa in backseat of car. Talks to camera. Teases. Sunglasses on. Removes her blouse. White bra. Titty play. Clit solo. Fingers her- self. Guy gets BJ. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Eats her. 2 fingers her. Stroking guy using both her feet. Fingers her. Titty sucking. BJ. Screwing cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, from behind her. Switches to outdoors footage. BJ. Topless. Screwing her from behind. Nude. Screwing her from behind. On blanket. No hands BJ. Clit solo. Screwing her head down and ass high. He strokes off on her ass. Screwing cowgirl riding, side ways, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, from behind her. He strokes off on her ass. Vanessa smoking. Clit solo. Screwing on her back side ways with leg up on his shoulder, standing holding her up, carrying her to tree branch overhead. Titty sucking. Screwing her from behind. Handjob. Screwing on her back, on her back & clit solo, side ways, on her back, from behind her. Handjob. She strokes him off on her face and in her open mouth. BJ clean off. 8.80 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie reviewed on 08/10/2003 and rated a 8.80 See review above. Play Preview Extra. A Shameless Plug Stephanie Night Vision Spy Cam #5 Donna & Kelly #1 Heather The Gagger #5 Shakina's Anal Video! #3 Stephanie Her First Anal Attempt #4 30 mins 10 secs. Chapters Extra. Choices 1 to 6. No ID. For this movie. Choices 1 to 6. No ID. For the previews. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: This is a pretty good DVD. Has over 30 minutes of nice previews to go with the over 62 minutes of the feature. Does have ShotAtHome.com in white lettering on the screen at all times. Shot at Home notes DVD 8.70 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 03/01/2003. Email Den ============================================================================