Rio Carnival Orgy #03 DVD

================================================================= 06/18/2003
Quotes............50+ stars in this hot x-rated action.             

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Dayane Calligare May 1998 Brazil. She-male blond Deborah Taylor Nov 2002 Brazil. Sexy redhead. Elis Pimentel Jun 2003 Brazil. Herica Lins Jun 2003 Blonde. Petite. Sexy. Jully Nov 2002 Brazil. Cute. Short. Leticia Jun 2002 She-male Brazil blonde Lulu Dos Sonhos Oct 2002 She-male. Marcela Jul 2000 Brazil. Dark hair. Marcella Boccelli Sep 2000 Cute brunette. ============================================================================ Studio............Evil Angel Video Email 14141 Covello St. Unit #8-C Van Nuys CA 91405 Producer..........Tropical Angel Video Director..........Stanlay Miranda Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Pro Boy/Girl Points............ 8.90 ============================================================================ Shot in Brazil: Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Live Music: Bateria Nota 10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indoors in bar. Lots of sexy gals are dancing in very revealing outfits and some are topless. Brief titty sucking. Some of the guys pull out their johnsons while dancing. Guy gets handjob. Couple safe screwing sitty on bench. Sexy blonde goes topless just for the camera. Guy gets BJ. Redhead gives BJ. Blonde gives head. Safe screwing from behind. Safe screwing & safe BJ. Fabio eats a gal. Les eating. Blonde gives BJ. Clit solo for a nude gal. Titty play. Safe screwing & BJ. Safe screwing. Open mouth facial. Les eating & BJ. Side-by-side safe screwing. BJ. Fingering. Safe screwing. Safe anal & clit solo. Cumshot on belly. Cumshot on breasts. Anal fingering. Safe anal & clit solo. Safe screwing blonde. BJ. Safe screwing. Open mouth facials. Monster open mouth facial. BJ. Gal strokes guy off on her chest. BJ clean off. Ladies dancing nude & John Stagliano between them checking out their butts. 2nd party action inside a very large tent. Gals in sexy clothes. Looks like the same band. Some glas forgot their panties. Fabio dancing. Topless dancing. Les eating. Topless dancing. Titty sucking. No hands BJ. Clit solo. Sexy brides outfit. Gal solo fingers both holes. BJ. Ball sucking. Nude dancing. Clit solo. Les eating. BJ. Safe screwing. BJ. Side-by-side safe screwing. Pouring water on naked breasts. Guy strokes off on gal's breasts. Safe screwing. Eating. Les rimjob. Safe screwing. Solo fingering. Les eating. No hands BJ. Eating. No hands BJ. Safe screwing. Les titty suck- ing. BJ. Dual BJ. Safe anal doggy position. Les eating. No hands BJ. 69 gal on top. Open mouth facial. Titty screwing. Safe screwing. BJ. Les eating. BJ. Safe screwing & solo anal finger- ing. Gals on sofa. John Stagliano enjoying the action. BJ. Dual BJ. Facial. BJ clean off. Kissing. No hands BJ and getting rimjob at same time.Dual facial. Safe screwing & les eating. Dual facial. Kissing. Gal licks the camera lens. Buttman dances. 2 hrs 18 mins. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Movie Movie reviewed on 06/18/2003 and rated a 8.90 See review above. Chapter Menu Choices 1 to 12. No ID. Multiple stops per chapter. Fetish Menu Extra. Butts 5 choices. Tits 2 choices. Pussy Licking 1 choice. Anal Sex 3 choices. Cumshots 6 choices. Special Features Behind the Scenes. Extra. John talking to gals. Gal has long nipples. Footage prior to the actual orgy. John with his camera. Topless footage. Posing for still pictures. 10 mins 54 secs. Extra Sex. Extra. More hardcore action. Includes some sexy les action off the side lines. Safe sex. 34 mins 26 secs. Photo Gallery. Extra. 63 various sized pictures. Remote control. Cast List. Extra. 2 pages of 4 columns each. Lots and lots of names. Websites. Stanlay Miranda Buttman Brazil Evil Angel ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 04/14/2003. Email Den ============================================================================