Goin' Down at the Bunny Ranch

================================================================= 06/04/2003
Quotes............Does Ron Jeremy have a number 1 hit on VH1?       

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Crystal Potter Feb 2003 Twin of Jocelyn. E Jocelyn Potter Feb 2003 Twin of Crystal. E Heidi Fleiss Jun 2003 World Famous madam! Sunset Thomas Oct 1991 Cute perky blonde. E ============================================================================ Studio............Lipstik Video 6760 Boulder Hyw. Las Vegas NV 89122 Producer..........Cecil B. Watkins Director..........Ron Hedge Video News........Rental Minutes...........105 Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Pro Girl/Girl Points............ 8.75 ============================================================================ Opens with Dennis Hof and Ron Jeremy doing, Goin' Down at the Bunny Ranch rap song with the gals from the Bunny Ranch & Rick James. Behind the Scenes. Ron talking to tech people from VH1. Ron shows the gals how he wants them to shake. Ron in hot tub with 5 gals. Blonde & Blonde. Edge of hot tub. Topless. Kissing. Titty sucking. Eating. Eating & fingering. Tastes fingers. Solo fingering. Rimjob. Fingering. Eating & solo anal fingering. Kissing. Eating. Dildo in & out play. Both taste the dildo. Dildo play for each. Ron and honeyblonde wearing sunglasses and cowboy named Lemmy. Talking to camera. Lip syncing to the song. Busty mature blonde & chubby Brunette. On bed. Topless. Titty sucking by each. Nude for the blonde. Eating. Fingering. Tastes fingers. Ladies switch. Eating. Blonde uses blue dildo on Brunette as she does clit solo. Tastes the dildo. Sharing dildo on their backs. Kissing. BJ clean off of both ends of the dildo. Kissing. Ron and Rick James and honeyblonde. On bed. Hugging. Singing the Goin' Down at the Bunny Ranch song. Honeyblonde & Black gal in room with 3 guys. Gals want to be alone & the guys leave. Touching. Undressing. Nude. Honeyblonde has back tattoo. Titty sucking. Kissing. Eating. Kissing. 69 on their sides. 69 Honeyblonde on top. Sharing dildo on their backs. Kissing. Ladies switch. Eating. Fingering. Ron and Heidi Fleiss in room. Ron has 'Heidi Wear' t-shirt on. They dance together. Heidi's sweatshirt says, 'Pandering'. They lip sync to the song. Brunette (left armband tattoo) and Redhead. On sofa. Both wearing hot bikini's. On sofa. Kissing. Topless. Titty sucking. Titty play. Nude. Face sitting. Clit solo. 69 Redhead on top. Eating. Finger- ing. Redhead puts her legs behind her head as the Brunette dives in and eats her out, fingers her. Kissing. Redhead on her back with legs up as Brunette inserts buttplug anally. Redhead uses dildo on the Brunette. Dildo falls out and Redhead puts it back in. Brunette squeezes it back out & then anal dildo play. Exit interview with these 2 gals. Cool behind the scenes shown imediately after this scene. Ron and Sunset and all the gals from the Bunny Ranch posing at the gate. 'Are we allowed to flash?'. No, not on VH1. Ron directs them. Crystal and Jocelyn. In room. Watching the topless version Sexy rap song with some of the gals being topless very briefly. Twins dance and sing the Bunny Ranch song. Watching the video made them, 'very horny'. Strip nude. Strap-on dildo with one screw- ing the other in doggy position. Sharing dildo on their backs & clit solo. No touching. After the scene, the twins are next to one another naked on all 4's as the sing the title song. Cast list at end: Virgo Twins - Crystal & Jocelyn Alexis on Fire Rhiannon Bray Niki 69 Caressa Kisses Sunny Kennedy Daisy Diane Diamonds Non-Sex roles: Anna Mills Sunset Thomas Bunny Ranch Bunnies ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: 10/11/2002. Email Den ============================================================================