Killer Pussy #15 - Cinderella & Nacho

================================================================= 05/18/2003
Quotes............Detailed look at the last scene in the movie.         

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Cinderella Mar 2003 Euro. Sexy brunette. ============================================================================ Studio............Digital Sin DVD Email 21345 Lassen St. Suite 100 Chatsworth CA 91311 Producer..........New Sensations Director..........Nacho Vidal Minutes...........28 Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Pro Boy/Girl Points............ 8.70 ============================================================================ I received an email awhile back about this scene. I gave it a 8.50 because I felt Cinderella was not really into the roughness. The email was from a very well respected reviewer who I have the highest regard for. I told him that I would re-look at the scene and try to determine if I was too critical of Nacho. Sorry it took so long. I will look at the scene again and try to be as fair as possible: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cinderella outdoors in winter coat. Nacho talks to her. 'I promise I will be nice to you'. In room. Kissing. 'You so pretty'. Nacho opens her blouse and she has no bra on. Nacho titty sucks. She removes him & drops to her knees to give him head. BJ with Nacho pulling/holding her hair with one hand and the other hand under her chin. BJ as Nacho lightly slaps her face. No hands BJ with him holding her hair and stroking himself in her mouth. Sloppy BJ. Ball sucking as she looks directly into the camera. Nacho removes her jeans and she has no panties on. Nacho kisses her pussy and squeezes her labia lips together to show the puffiness and kisses her. On bed on her back, she strokes Nacho using both of her feet. Nacho slaps the inside of each of her thighs. Nacho eats her and she raises her head up to watch. Nacho fingers her using 2 fingers that is wet sounding and she is moaning and groaning and really enjoying this. Nacho fingers her ass. Screwing on her back with both legs up, on her back as he slaps inside of her thighs kinda rough and lightly slaps her face. Screwing side ways, side ways & slapping her face harder now, (both her cheeks are now rosy red color), side ways & kissing. Screwing reverse cowgirl, reverse cowgirl & titty play and she is moaning & groaning and enjoying it very much, rev cowgirl and he pulls her hair from behind and slaps her face. Screwing doggy position, doggy position and he slaps her ass, he shows her how to suck her thumb at the same time. Screwing on her belly as she sucks her thumb, on her belly as Nacho sucks her thumb, on her belly as he pulls her hair & slaps her face. 'I want to f..king kill you, you so pretty'. Screwing on her belly as Nacho prys open her mouth using 2-3 fingers, slaps her face many times, kissing, pulls her hair from behind and slaps her many times. Screwing cowgirl, cowgirl and leaning forward, slaps her ass, slaps her face, smothers her face, slaps her much harder. Screwing her from behind as she she is moaning and groaning, slaps her ass, slaps her face, slaps her ass, (her ass cheeks are rosy red). Nacho pulls out and slaps her ass. Screwing on her back as she is moaning and groaning. Nacho pulls out and cums on her belly. Nacho goes back in and screws her some more with cum on her bush, slaps her breasts hard, chokes her with her head held back against the bed a funny look on her face as she looks over to the cameraman. Kisses. 'You so pretty'. Super close up of her face with her rosy red cheeks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Thoughts: This is a close call. It was not as bad as I first thought, but it is rough with alot of slapping & Nachoisms. And, at the very end he does choke her pretty hard while holding her head against the bed. On choking/rough sex scenes I have been rating them either a 8.90 if mild -or- 8.50 if rougher. So, I will compromise on this one and give the scene a 8.70 and will make the necessary adjustments to the ratings for the movie and the DVD. ============================================================================ Comments.....Full review Email Den ============================================================================