Ultimate Asses DVD

================================================================= 05/15/2003
Quotes............Good movie on good DVD with great behind scenes.  

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Austin O'Riley Mar 2002 Cute blonde. Tit rings ^ Carmen aka Eve Oct 2002 Euro. Hot brunette. Ebony Green Mar 2003 Black. Sexy. Hot. Jada Mar 2003 Black. Sexy cute. Velvet Rose Aug 2002 Sexy. Hair! Tit rings. ^ Non-Sex...........Jewel De'Nyle Sep 1998 2002 CAVR Hottest Star ^ ============================================================================ Studio............Platinum X Pictures Producer..........Michael Stefano Productions Director..........Michael Stefano Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Pro Boy/Girl Points............ 8.92 ============================================================================ Play Movie Movie reviewed on 05/15/2003 and rated a 8.94 Read movie review Chapters Choices 1 to 5. No ID. DVD Extras Behind Scenes. Extra. 37 mins 25 secs. Austin talks to Jewel, fixes her hair, titty squeese from Jewel, getting ready, deorant problems, in hardcore action. Poses for stills. Facial. Carmen. Interviewed by Michael (some in Spanish). Poses. Hardcore with Frank & Anthony. Anal. Jada. Interviewed by Michael. Booty shake. Laughs. Getting ready. Poses outdoors. 26 yrs old. Jewel in kitchen briefly. Jada anal. Facial. Jewel is glad it is over. Velvet. Interviewed by Michael. 'I am happy to be free lance'. Has several boyfriends. Clit solo. Brian gets BJ. Screwing Brian. Michael plays piano. Poses for hardcore pictures. Exit interview. Ebony. Interviewed by Michael. 19 yrs old. Green eyes. Started making movies at 18. Small back tattoo. On bed with Michael and Brandon. Michael stroking & talking. 'Getting old, 33 years old'. Jewel interviews Ebony. Cum on Ebony's face. Exit interview, 'Too much dick'. Photo Shoot. Extra. Trailer. 6 mins 33 secs. Austin. Poses indoors in bikini. Jewel talks to her. Jada Poses outdoors in hot see-through outfit. Jewel talks to her. Michael says, 'This is a butt movie and I need butt shots'. Velvet Indoors. Posing with buttplug inserted. Jewel laughs in background. Velvet laughs. Velvet poses nude. Photo Gallery. Extra. 28 various sized pictures. Continuous play. Or, you can advance the pictures using remote control. Website. Computer users have web access. Cum Shot Recap. Extra. Just the $ shots. 4 mins 32 secs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DVD notes: Movie. Very good release that just missed making the monthly top ten. All scenes were hot, especially Austin's. DVD. Very good DVD extras. Real nice (and long) behind the scenes. Good to see that Jewel is helping her hubby out so much. Need cast bio -or- trailers and then the DVDs will rate a 9.00 or better. 8.80 ============================================================================ Comments.....Released on DVD & VHS at same time: May 2003. Email Den ============================================================================