Kelly's 15 Man Gangbang

================================================================= 03/25/2003
Quotes............Hot interracial GB action from the busty Kelly.   

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Kelly (38D) Jun 1998 Blonde. Cute. Hot! ============================================================================ Studio............Kelly 38 D Email Minutes...........82 Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Amateur Gang Bang Points............ 8.87 ============================================================================ Kelly is one sexy little blonde with a nice set of breasts and has a real love for sexy. She is a real hot one! Some tattoo's. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1> Kelly in bedroom with some black guys. Sitting on side of bed in sexy lowcut black dress giving 2 guys head. Topless. Screwing & BJ on her back, doggy position. Clit solo. Screwing on her belly. Screwing & BJ. BJs for the guys. Dual BJ. Screwing & BJ doggy position, on her back. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off. Cum on side of her face. 2nd open mouth facial & BJ clean off. 8.90 2> Kelly on bed. Screwing & BJ as other guys watch the action. Screwing on her back, cowgirl, on her back & BJ, on her back & dual BJs. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off. No hands BJ. Kelly on her knees as she takes on 5-6 guys with top down view of the BJ action. No hands BJ. 'I love black cock'. Screwing & BJ doggy position. 8.80 3> Kelly in living room. Topless. Poses with the guys. BJs. Circle jerk BJs. Screwing on her back & dual BJs. Safe screwing & BJs. Cream- pie. Lots of cum. Screwing & BJ. Sitting on chair as she takes on 6-7 guys at once. Screwing & BJ. Group BJs and clit solo. Open mouth facials. Lots of cum. 8.90 ============================================================================ Comments.....No production date given. Email Den ============================================================================