GM Las Vegas Revue 2003

================================================================= 03/20/2003
Quotes............Good convention floor coverage.                   

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Aimee Tyler Feb 2002 Brunette. Cute. Slim. Ann Marie Jul 2001 Brunette. Cute. Ashley Blue Jun 2002 Brunette. Cute. Hot! Bella Donna May 2000 Hot! Really into it! ^ Cassie Young Sep 2002 Cute blonde. * Tattoo. Daisy Chain Feb 1999 Cute real blonde. Ring Fiona Cheeks May 2002 Blonde. 32A's Tattoos. Gina Lynn Mar 2000 Cute. Auburn. Busty. E Jacklyn Lick Nov 1996 The Beautiful One. E Jessica Drake Aug 1999 2001 ASM Best ActressE Jewel De'Nyle Sep 1998 2002 CAVR Hottest Star ^ Joelean May 2000 Cute honey blonde. Julie Night Jun 2002 Hot sexy honeyblonde. ^ Kiki Daire Apr 1999 Cute. Honey blonde. E Kym Wilde Jan 1991 Hot slim brunette. Mason Aug 2002 Director. Minka Dec 1995 Asian. Busty. 72HH E Savannah Storm Sep 2002 Sexy blonde. Teri Weigel Mar 1991 Playmate! Hot! E ============================================================================ Studio............GM Video Email P.O. Box 1339 Sedona AZ 86339 Video News........Rental Minutes of 'X'.... 33 Minutes of 'R'.... 27 Quality...........Good Category..........X Pro Boy/Girl Points............ 8.00 ============================================================================ Opens with Rex Rider saying, 'Stick with GM f..king video'. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Convention floor coverage: * Joelean poses from a booth, interview, flashes her boobs. * Dancers from Spearmint Rhino booth. * Bella Donna flashes her hairy bush. * Savannah Storm poses at Elegant Angel booth. * Ron Jeremy at booth. * Teri Weigel posing with just pasties covering her boobs. * Daisy Chain flashes bare boobs (rings in). * Chubby gal fan shows her bare boobs. * Fiona Cheeks shows off her duct tape 'little' 'whore' boobs. * Bridgette Powerz talking on cell phone. * Mature busty brunette fan goes topless. * Gina Lynn poses for fans. * Busty blonde goes topless. * Gal gets $ stuffed in bottoms. Spreads & shows shaved bush. * Brunette with big boobs. Shows them. Note: Floor coverage is 6 mins. Later in room coverage: * Chubby bleached blonde with large hanging boobs and nipples pierced in room. Does glass dildo solo. Guy takes over and uses dildo on her as she does clit solo. Guy shows her an inflatuable dildo, rubs it on her clit, uses it on her as she does clit solo. Spreads her open. Another blonde gal joins and uses strap-on dildo on 1st gal on her back, cowgirl riding, doggy position. Kissing. Gal removes her strap-on dildo & spreads and shows her pink. Chubby gal 2 fingers her. Guy eats the blonde. Guy uses dildo on end of drill on the chubby gal as the blonde sucks on her tit. More people join the party. Cute blonde flashes her tits and ass. Sexy gals rub boobs together. 3 gals on a bed. Sexy les play. Clit solo. Busty brunette joins them. Dildo play as lots of still photos with lights flashing going on. Strap-on dildo gets BJ, used on sexy brunette. Ron Jeremy in background watching the action. Blonde eats mature blonde. Guy wearing pantyhose gets them ripped open and then gets a safe BJ. Dual safe BJ. Safe BJ as 2nd gal sits on his face. Safe screwing cowgirl riding, rev cowgirl. Guy removes condom & strokes off on ladies ass. Les eating. Gal rides another gals thigh. GM Video shirt. Note: 33 mins. Convention floor coverage: * Score's booth of busty gals. * Larry Flynt signing autographs. * Gals flashing their bare boobs. * Kiki Daire in sexy outfit. * Fiona Cheeks knoe for 'Throat f..king'. * Hot short haired brunette goes topless. * Talks to vagina clothing gal. * Cassie Young interview. * Ashley Lovely interview. * 3 gals from Elegant Angel booth. * Ann Marie flashes her boobs. * Julie Night tied up & just tape over nipples. * Minka and 2 other super busty gals. * Max Hardcore in booth. * Julie Night being spanked as William H. takes photos. 'F..k Me Mason's Whore' on her ass cheeks. Brunette whips Julie. Clothes pins put on Julie's breasts. Candle wax on Julie's chest. Removes duct tape from Julie's mouth. Clothes pins on Julie's inner thighs. Toby Dammit looking on. Guy whips Julie's breasts. Mason slaps her face and breats as Julie goes wild! * Jessica Drakes poses with blonde. * Las Vegas Novelities booth: Julie Meadows Ron Jeremy Jacklyn Lick Alexis Amore Christi Lake Serenity Michael Stefano Jewel De'Nyle * Gal throwing movies to crowd. * Blonde with body painted green. * Looks like Jill Kelly's booth with a bunch of gals posing and it looks like Tera Patrick in the middle. * Busty black gal sucks her nipple. * Ashley Blue talks to camera. Ass cheek says, 'I'm Whore'. * GM wants to thank (gals give their websites): Lainey X Aimee Tyler Kiki Daire Rhonda Vagaina Clothing Cassie Young Linda Lace Freedom Distributing Jim from DreamGirls Siera Sage Mike South Kym Wilde Max Hardcore Taija ============================================================================ Comments.....Release date: 02/20/2003. Email Den ============================================================================