Kimmy Cum Slut #01

================================================================= 03/20/2003
Quotes............Adult Movie                                       

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............Absolute Kim Jun 2002 Amateur kinky brunette ============================================================================ Studio............Absolute Kim Email Supplied By.......Buddys Reviews Minutes...........80 Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Amateur Boy/Girl Points............ 8.95 ============================================================================ Kim is absolutely kinky! One very wild, sexy, hot brunette! Late 20's, cute, real breasts with nipple rings, shaved. Cute. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Movie opens with absolute kinky previews of Kim peeing into a glass, 4 fingers from a guy, cola can inserted, fisting, bottle solo......... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Came First...the squirt or the creampie? Kim topless. Talks to camera. Vib solo. Fingers herself to climax. Rims guy. On her back with vib on clit solo as guy screws her. Screwing on her back. Good close ups as Kim plays with her nipple rings. Super close ups. Kim SQUIRTS in a real good close up and just keeps on screwing on her back. Screwing doggy position, on her back until he pulls out and cums on her breasts. Black Bowl. Kim in black panties & bra. In bathroom. Putting on lipstick. Moistens her lips. On her knees BJ. Open mouth facial. Lots of cum. Drips the cum into black bowl. Feeds herself the cum. Topless. Plays with her beautiful breasts and nipple rings. Cum Hungry Slut, the Ice. Kim in see-through white bra & panties. Plays with nipples using ice cube until you can see her nipple and nipple ring. Nipple play as she talks sweet nasties to the camera. Topless. Titty play. Bare nipple play using some more lucky ice cubes. Uses ice cubes on her bush through her panties and then bare. Ice cube on her good parts and then into her mouth. Ice cube on clit. Spreads and shows the pink & talks nasty. Puts ice cube inside herself, 'Where did it go?'. Guy gets BJ. No hnads BJ. Ball sucking. Going up and down the shaft. BJ. Strips nude. On carpet. Dual vib eggs given to her from a fan, one invag and the other on her nipples and against her nipple rings. Both ends inside her at same time as they fight for control and we can hear then banging each other. Kim turns the power up to 'all the way'. She likes them! Dual eggs at one time as she does clit solo. Kim removes one egg and it vibrates her clit. 'F..k me!'. 2nd egg cums out as she leaves the 1st one on her clit. Kim gets real wet and feeds the wetness to her mouth and eats it all up. Puts one egg in front and puts the second one in her ass as she gets into the doggy position with butt to camera. She likes the DP using vibrating eggs. Super close up. Kim turns around slowly and ends up sitting on her fun eggs and gives guy a BJ. Kim rmoves the eggs and puts them in her mouth. Screwing on her back until he cums inside for a creampie finish. Super close up. Kim fingers herself and feeds it to her mouth. Cum play. Spreads and shows the pink and the cum. 'I love to eat cum'. Kim then licks the cum up off the towel. Spoon Fed Cum Slut. Kim in white blouse and black skirt and black hose. Sitting on computer chair with one breast exposed, she 2 fingers herself. Red dildo gets in on the action next with good in & out action. Kim tastes her dildo. More in and out solo dildo action as she talks nasty to the camera. Kim gets real wet. Super close ups. Guy gets BJ off the side of her shoulder. 2 handed BJ. No hands BJ. In hot sexy black bra and cut-out panties hose, Kim gets screwed from behind. Good close ups. He pulls out and cums on her a-hole. He catches the cum in a spoon and feeds it to Kim to eat. Some of the excess cum leaks from her mouth and she has to catch it and put it back in her mouth. 'That was good hot cum!'. Kim licks the spoon clean. She uses the spoon to go down and get some more cum and feeds herself. ============================================================================ Comments.....No production date given. Email Den ============================================================================