Roommate from Hell

================================================================= 03/04/2003
Quotes............Couples action. Aurora can act! Cute storyline.   

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ================== Stars.............April Jun 1999 Brunette. Cute. Slim. Ashly Moore Sep 2002 Blonde cute slim rings Aurora Snow Jun 2000 2001 & 2002 Rog's Hot! ^ Ava Vincent Oct 1998 Cute aka Jewel Valmont Holly Hollywood Aug 2000 Brunette. Hot looking. Jade Nov 2000 Asian. Real cute. Sharon Wild Aug 2000 Ceska. Hot wild blonde Wanda Curtis Oct 1997 Euro. Brunette. Tattoo ============================================================================ Studio............Simon Wolf Productions 8944 Mason Ave Chatsworth CA 91311 Producer..........Robert Herrera Director..........Bud Lee Notice............No Stars ID Minutes...........119 Quality...........Good Category..........XXX Pro Feature PayPal............Donation Points............ 8.86 ============================================================================ 1> Sharon & Ashly & Chris Cannon. In room. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. 2 fingers solo. No hands BJ from each. Ashley eats Sharon. Nude. Safe screwing Sharon & clit solo. Anal for Ashly. Ashly facial 9.10 2> Holly & Joel Lawrence. In room. BJ. Hot panties & bra. No hands BJ. Kissing. Eats & fingers her. Safe screwing on her back, reverse cowgirl & clit solo. Anal on her back, doggy, head down & ass high. He strokes off into her open mouth. 8.90 3> Aurora watching For Women Only - Scene 1 2 fingers solo. Dildo solo. Ava gives Evan Stone head. 8.70 4> April & Joey Ray. In room. BJ. Kissing. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Ball sucking. Kissing. Eats her. Clit solo. Safe screwing on her back, cowgirl, doggy position. He strokes off on her ass. 8.80 5> Jade & Hershel Savage. In kitchen. BJ. Fetish attire. Topless. No hands BJ. Aurora eats Jade, uses pocket rocket on her. Jade eats Aurora, uses beads dildo on her. Clit solo. Tastes beads/didlo. Aurora uses beads on Jade. Touching. 8.90 6> Wanda & Hershel. In room. Nude. BJ. No hands BJ. Titty screwing. BJ. 69 her on top. Eats her. Screwing reverse cowgirl, on her back, on her back with legs up. He strokes off on her breasts. 8.70 a> Interesting point here. Is Simon Wolf the homeless guy? Sure sounds like his voice. 7> Aurora & Chris Cannon. In room. Topless. Kissing. Making out. Titty sucking. BJ. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Kissing. Nude. Eats her. Rims her. 1-2 fingers her. 4 fingers her. Eats her. Safe screwing on her back, reverse cowgirl, leaning back. Rims her. Screwing doggy position. He strokes off into her open mouth. BJ clean off. 8.90 ============================================================================ Comments.....Production date: Nov/Dec 2002. Cast ID list at end Email Den ============================================================================